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Last year, the story of Kwara State born Blue-eyed woman Risqot and her husband, Abdulwasiu, became a global issue following reports that Abdulwasiu sent his wife packing for bearing him blue-eyed children.

The issue not only went viral but trended for weeks, attracting the intervention of the Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari, and other notable people like wife of the Kwara State governor, Mrs Foluke Abdulrazaq, as well as former First Lady of Kwara State, Mrs Toyin Saraki, who all provided them succour and played a huge role in their reunion process.

But one year after their story hit limelight, how is the couple faring?

The first lady of Kwara State, Mrs Abdulrazaq, not only secured for them a two-bedroom apartment at Alagbado area of Ilorin, but also got the two children enrolled at the prestigious Roemichs Group of Schools, Ilorin. Mrs Toyin Saraki, wife of the immediate past Senate President, also gave them N250,000, while the emir of Ilorin, played a key role in reuniting the couple.

But all still appears not to be well with the couple when Daily Trust visited them in their apartment in Ilorin.

While Abdulwasiu still depends on the meagre earnings from his vulcanizing business to keep the family afloat, Risqot’s attempt to better their lot has not been successful either despite acquiring a NABTEB certificate. Also, Wasiu’s efforts to augment the family income by engaging in commercial motorcycling (Okada) has not made any significant difference.

Speaking on their union in the past one year, the couple who singled out the emir, the governor’s wife and Mrs Toyin Saraki for their interventions which has sustained the family since then, told Daily Trust that things have not been rosy for them.

Abdulwasiu said, “That we are still united as husband and wife gives me joy every day but we have only survived on the goodwill received from people. We have been managing from the vulcanizing machine gifted me by the emir and like we all know; the economy is not friendly at all now. And for a vulcanizer like me, it is even worse as patronage has been very low. My decision to augment by hiring a motorcycle to do transport business has not yielded much,” he added.

He said he would love to venture into the business of selling tyres and solicited for assistance in other ventures to increase the family’s stream of income, adding that many who had promised to assist him then were yet to fulfill their vows.

“I heartily thank those who intervened and saved our marriage. We have been living happily since then, and that is one of my greatest happiness. But there has not been any other assistance since then for me. Feeding has not been easy as I have to provide from the little I make from my Okada and vulcanizing business. The only grace we have is that nobody has disturbed us for rent or school fees because of the intervention of the first lady,” he added.

For Risqot, who also appreciated the efforts of the emir, Kwara First lady and Mrs Saraki, her greatest joy would be for her husband to be assisted and empowered to fully take responsibility of the family’s welfare.

“Since we had our Nikkah celebration a year ago, my husband has been managing to survive. In my quest to also better our lot, I took the NABTEB examination. The provision shop that was opened for me is what we have depended on mostly to feed and meet other family needs which has stunted its growth. It has really drained us financially.

“What I really wanted is for my husband to be assisted to get a good job or supported to grow in business because the vulcanizing trade has not really been helpful. That would be a huge relief for us and then if I can secure a job with my NABTEB certificate which I hope to use to collect my license to operate a chemist shop, I would really be glad,” she added.

Their financial situation appears to be affecting their love live as the issue has been one of the reasons the couple is yet to celebrate the birth of another baby.

Although Abdulwasiu had wished to have his third “blue-eyed” child by now, his wife said their financial position now has not made that feasible.

“We still love ourselves but my wife is insisting that because of my financial situation, it might be difficult for us to make ends meet with another pregnancy/child and I have told her to leave everything in the hands of Almighty Allah. But you know women and their antics,” the husband submitted on the issue.

But for Risqot, “Although my husband had wanted us to celebrate the birth of another child by now, but we have to weigh the implication on the family.

“It is not that I am afraid to have another baby, but right now, we are barely managing and have majorly depended on the shop that the first lady opened for us. So, before having another baby, I want to see a situation where my husband would have been assisted and empowered to be able to fully shoulder the responsibilities of the family.



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