COURTESY VISIT: Aare Emmanuelking, Lagos REDAN Chairmanship Contender, Advocates For Strategic Consolidation Approach ๐ŸŽŠ The Scoper Media

IN the bustling world of real estate, Aare Adetola Emmanuel-King, the visionary Executive Chairman of Adron Homes, unveils a strategic mantra: “Consolidation precedes Transformation.” With unwavering conviction, he throws his weight behind Dr. Segun Oshundairo, the dynamic aspirant vying for the prestigious position of REDAN Chairman for the Lagos Chapter.

In this vibrant landscape of development, Emmanuel-King champions a path of stability before innovation, a philosophy echoing through the corridors of the industry, as Oshundairo emerges as the beacon of progress, poised to lead with distinction and foresight.

.In an exclusive interview with REDAN Chairman Aspirant, Dr. Segun Oshundairo, CEO of Arcview Investment Limited, Aare Adetola pledged unwavering support. During the Aspirant’s visit, Aare Adetola imparted sage advice, outlining strategic steps to ignite a revolution in the Real Estate Industry under his tenure.

He urged the Aspirant to harness the power of intense media publicity and collaborative advocacy to shape government policies and decisions impacting the Real Estate sector, setting the stage for a transformative era

During this Meeting, The Aspirant talked about his Manifesto which he would implement once he emerges the Chairman. He declared the following Intentions:

  • Create a Developers Mortgage Plan. With this, he would be collaborating with the government to create a plan that would ensure that developers can buy affordable estate from the government which would facilitate their ability to create reasonable and affordable houses for the masses.
  • Establish an Advisory Board for REDAN. He stated that he would create an Advisory Committee that would consist of 7 stakeholders to advise and train members of the group every quarter on the right policies and procedures to implement.
  • Open up lands in rural Areas and convert them to Mega cities. He revealed his intention to collaborate with the government in order to open up lands in Ofada, Papalantoro and environs as well as create affordable real estate in such areas.
  • Rebrand and Publicize REDAN: The Aspirant stated that under his tenure, REDAN would have a new look, which would include a new logo, better policies as well as increased visibility .

Aare Adetola EmmanuelKing, In addition to advising the Aspiring Chairman on Strategic Media Publicity for REDAN, also implored him to pay attention to increasing the number of members in the group as well as present comprehensive strategies poised to shape the future landscape of real estate in the country.

He Admonished and stated that โ€œThere canโ€™t be a greater Lagos without REDANโ€ He further advised the Aspirant on the need for a Universal market price of Landed Properties for Real Estate Developers in Lagos State when purchasing from the government. Also, this would foster and aid the creation of affordable housing for the good people of Lagos State and Nigerians at large.

In a crescendo of optimism, Dr. Segun Oshundairo exuded fervor and gratitude as the interview curtains drew close. His words danced with anticipation, painting a vivid picture of collaboration between REDAN and the visionary CEO of Adron Homes. As the dialogue unfolded, it became a tapestry of potential, weaving together threads of innovation and determination to reshape the landscape of the real estate industry.

With each exchange, the interview became not just a discussion but a cornerstone for future endeavors. Dr. Segun’s commitment to fostering partnership opportunities resonated deeply, casting a spotlight on the transformative power of collective action. His vision, bold and unyielding, illuminated a path towards progress and prosperity within the realm of real estate.

As the conversation ebbed, Dr. Segun’s resolve remained unwavering. His promise to establish a board of trustees comprising seasoned veterans and stalwarts of the real estate domain, stood as a testament to his dedication. This advisory body, poised to guide and inspire, embodied the essence of unity and purpose.

In the twilight of the interview hope lingered in the air, carrying with it the promise of a brighter future. Dr. Segun’s words echoed long after the session concluded, a clarion call for change and a beacon of possibility in the ever-evolving landscape of real estate.