CHIBOK: How The Man I Married In Boko Haram Captivity Helped Me To Escape – Amina Ali Narrates 🎊 The Scoper Media

One of the Chibok girls who escaped from Boko Haram’s clutches in 2016 Amina Ali, has spoken out about how the man she married while she was a captive helped her escape.

Almost three years after her kidnapping, Amina told Channels Television that she was the first captive to escape from Boko Haram’s clutches in 2016. She was married and a mother to a little daughter when she escaped.

Amina said that she chose to marry a captive guy because the terrorists’ regulations forced her to do so, and that he helped her escape. She did say that she got to choose her husband, even though she was still married against her will.

According to her, the man she wed was also a hostage kidnapped by terrorists. The terrorists tried to split them up as a result, but one of them resisted. So, they were left to their own devices with the responsibility of having seven personal guards watching over them at all times.

“After they brought the rules, I had to choose one person to marry to so that I can be free. After we dated for two weeks, they found out that the man was also adopted, so they tried to separate us. But there was one man that said they had no right to do that since we did not commit anything wrong in their religion.

“So, the only thing they would do is to bring some people to always stay with us. So, they just brought seven people to guard us. Anytime we want to go and fetch water or get firewood, these people always escort us.”

“At that time, I didn’t trust him. I was thinking he just wanted to hear something and tell his people. I just told him I have heard him. He said he wanted to help me escape from the captivity if I wish. So, I should not open up to anybody.”

Subsequently, she recounted how her spouse had informed her about a means of escape but cautioned her against disclosing the information to anybody, even her biological sisters. She claimed she was first suspicious, fearing it was an effort to collect information that the terrorists could use. Nonetheless, she made the decision to test it out.

“I could remember some of my sisters tried to escape. They did three days and almost came out but these Boko Haram still attacked them and brought them back. They almost killed them but we made a promise to them that anytime we tried to escape, they are going to kill us.”

“Since that promise, anytime he pushes me to escape, I keep telling him that it is not yet time. Until one day that the soldiers (Nigeria Military Personnel) went to fight them and it remained just one place for the soldiers to enter where we are and where Shekau lived in”.

“After that, these people (the terrorists) started running into the bush, saying that the Army have come into the bush. After that, he told me to tell them I was going to make my hair. So, if they allow me to pass, then I will follow you. After that, we can find our way to escape”

“After I went out, they stopped me and asked where was I going to. I told them I was going to make my hair at my sister’s house. They asked about the people who used to follow me. I told them I didn’t see anybody, that is why I decided to go alone”.

They suspected she was lying, she said, so they wouldn’t let her go. According to her, she returned. Shortly thereafter, though, the Nigerian Army struck the jihadists’ primary base in Sambisa, forcing many of the abductees to flee and regroup with their captors. But in the chaos, she spotted a chance to get away, and she grabbed it.