Ascend Studios Foundation Partners With Beyond Limits To Empower African Women Start-ups Through The Leap Women Africa Program 🎊 The Scoper Media

L-R: Chief Executive Officer, YD Company, Dr Yetty Ogunnubi; Founder, Beyond Limits Africa, Dr Juliet Ehimuan and President of Ascend Studios Foundation, Dr.Inya Lawal

Ascend Studios Foundation, an organization dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, today announced a new partnership with Beyond Limits, an organization focused on accelerating the growth of impact-driven businesses in Africa for the Leap Women Africa program, an accelerator designed to empower women leading tech-driven startups across the continent.

Leap Women Africa, an Ascend Studios Foundation Initiative launched in 2023 in partnership with the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), U.S Consulate Lagos, Venture Garden Group, Future Map Foundation, and Get Funded Africa.

The program provides a unique opportunity for 40 high-potential tech and tech-enabled startups to gain the skills and mentorship needed to scale their businesses and create positive change.

“We are thrilled to partner with Beyond Limits,” said Dr. Inya Lawal, president of Ascend Studios Foundation. “Leap Women Africa offers a powerful platform to support African women entrepreneurs. By equipping them with the tools and resources they need to succeed, we can unlock their potential to drive innovation and solve some of the continent’s most pressing challenges.”

Leap Women Africa offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes training on the latest technology trends, leadership development, financial management, and business strategy. Participants will also benefit from mentorship from a network of accomplished tech executives who have built successful businesses in Africa.

“Beyond Limits is delighted to partner with Ascend Studios Foundation and other partners to provide entrepreneurship development to a cohort of female founders from the exchange alumni of the US Consulate. Entrepreneurship is really important for job creation and overall economic growth and we are delighted to be able to provide leadership and organizational effectiveness, training and mentoring to entrepreneurial founders and leaders to help them build sustainable businesses, develop high-performing teams and maximize their potential” Dr Juliet Ehimuan. Founder, Beyond Limits Africa.

The Leap Women Africa program is specifically focused on selecting startups that align with the following key themes:
Women’s Empowerment: Businesses that support innovative methods to advance women’s rights and economic opportunities.
Women in Tech: Businesses led by women who are harnessing technology to create a positive impact across various industries
Healthcare Innovation: Startups that utilize technology to bridge healthcare gaps and improve access to quality care.

Climate Action: Businesses developing tech-driven solutions to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability.
Education Transformation: Startups leveraging technology to revolutionize the education sector and enhance learning outcomes.

Through this partnership, Ascend Studios Foundation and Beyond Limits are committed to supporting the growth of a vibrant and inclusive tech ecosystem in Africa. By empowering women entrepreneurs, they aim to unlock the continent’s full potential for innovation and positive social change.

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