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 Young politician and businessman, Hon. Prince Fuhad Adisa Omotolani Oloto has declared that he will run for chairmanship of the Lagos Mainland LGA if he has the opportunity. The worthy scion of the illustrious Oloto dynasty is also very optimistic that he will win because no other party is as strong as All Progressives Congress (APC) in the enduring Lagos municipality.

  Speaking in an exclusive interview with Oki Samson of Trek Africa Newspaper, the MD/CEO of F. Oloto Construction Ltd., Hon. Prince Fuhad Oloto also shared his intense admiration and adoration for the Jagaban of Borgu, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who he regarded as ‘the hope of the masses’. He emphasized that the quintessential leader is addicted to ‘young, vibrant, proactive, and smart people.’


..  Enjoy the full interview…

Trek Africa:What is your general opinion of our polity and economy?

Prince Oloto:We are all humans. You are entitled to your opinions and how you feel. We have aggrieved youths and I feel their pain. You might feel the country is not working but I assure you, it is going to work. Babatunde Raji Fashola said many may only be feeling the things they have done when they have left.

  Trek Africa:Our youths are quick to protest but not to vote, why?

Prince Oloto:I will not be party to any protest when the elections come, you are not out there. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I am seeing the protests as unnecessarily. You are fighting the Federal Government and you stay at Lekki Toll Gate. What does Gov. Sanwo-olu has to do with this? Is it state policing? Does he own SARS? Won’t we have police again in the society? How do you expect change in government without casting your vote? I advise youths, leave EndSARS alone, let us wait for 2023. Lagos state is one of the largest economies in West Africa and you want to stop its activities. It is a working state, you cannot stop it.

 Trek Africa:What do you say to youths who believe their votes don’t count?

  Prince Oloto:I have to say that our votes count. If it doesn’t, the former President Goodluck Jonathan would not have been defeated because he has the power of incumbency. Get your PVC and cast your votes for whoever you want. Let the youths also summon courage to contest.

  Trek Africa:As a youth leader, what have you been doing towards community development?

  Prince Oloto:I do various community services. Every year, I do medical services for the aged and the less privileged. I have also done borehole in my community. I run football competitions and youth empowerment programmes.

Trek Africa:What are you up to politically?

  Prince Oloto: If I have the opportunity, I will run for chairmanship of Lagos Mainland LGA. I want an executive post. And I know that if I get the ticket after the primary election, I will win. This is because in my local government, there is nothing like any other party. It is APC and others.

  Trek Africa:Who is Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to you?

  Prince Oloto:Asiwaju is a quintessential strategist, an illustrious man, the no. 1 politician who has impacted positively in the lives of youths. He is the hope of the masses. I will tell you why. He came into office in 1999 as Governor but before then was a Senator. This is a man that is personally addicted to young people. The Commissioner of Finance is in his 30s, the MD of LAWMA, LASAA, and many others are young people. He has been doing this since 1999.

  Trek Africa:What do you think about the heavy political activities that are going on about Asiwaju?

  Prince Oloto: I love Asiwaju and I am supporting him. I am not forcing you but I will give you reason why I love him. He is addicted to technocrats. Nation building is a task for him. He uses young, vibrant, proactive, and smart people. We are fighting for him already. Once he clinches the ticket, he is the next president. He will definitely get there and if he does not, he will fix someone there.

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