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     Fans of local indigenous movies are in for a treat as Africa Magic, the home of pure entertainment, has a lot in store for you. Get ready to dive into compelling stories that reveal the mysteries and chaos stirred up by a mysterious bag in the lives of Olanrewaju compound’s residents in  Apo, Join a courageous young prince on an epic quest for liberation and unity among his people in Iwe, and witness the gripping tale of a relationship counsellor’s battle to salvage his marriage and his very existence in Kariya.

Africa Magic is your one-stop destination for these compelling indigenous stories that are sure to captivate your imagination.

Apo: This intriguing mystery drama series unfolds the tale of the residents of the Olanrewaju compound, whose lives take a sudden twist when they stumble upon a mysterious bag within the confines of their “face me, I face you” apartment . Inside the bag lie money, a charm, and a firearm, igniting a frenzy of greed and competition that leads to a cascade of twisted events. The series, known as “Apo,” meaning “bag” in Yoruba, promises to introduce viewers to a cast of memorable characters, all of whom will vividly showcase the vibrant Yoruba culture. Tune in Monday & Tuesday 6:30pm on Africa Magic Yoruba GOtv ch 2

Iwe: Iwe which means “Anger” in Igbo, delves into the narrative of two kingdoms, Oba-Ekwe and Idu Amaja, previously known as Iduna Oba. The rift between them was ignited by a mix of prosperity, jealousy, and greed, leading to their separation, with each royal sibling claiming dominion over half.

In the face of this division, a courageous young prince named Nwafor, driven by mysterious forces and fueled by his determination to liberate his kingdom from oppression, embarks on a quest to reunite the two kingdoms and restore them to their former unity.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the compelling story of Iwe Showing on Monday – Friday 7:00pm on Africa Magic Igbo GOtv ch 4 

Kariya: this series narrates the tale of Tariq and Hadiza Al-Hassan, respected Islamic relationship counsellors whose marriage is on the edge of divorce due to Tariq’s unfaithfulness. His extramarital affair with Zara poses a looming public scandal, as she threatens to reveal her pregnancy, which carries Tariq’s child unless she receives compensation.

As the couple grapples with this crisis, their lives take an unexpected turn when a group of armed individuals, fleeing from the police, invades their home. This intrusion sets off a harrowing night filled with chaos and turmoil. Watch Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8:00pm on Africa Magic Igbo GOtv ch 3

My Flatmates: This situational comedy provides a window into the lives of four friends who cohabit in the same apartment. The series captures a myriad of chaotic and humorous occurrences that unfold as they navigate their daily adventures, all in pursuit of a brighter future and better lives for themselves. Binge watch Saturday from 7: 00am on Africa Magic Family GOtv ch 7

The Johnsons: This heartwarming family sitcom revolves around the daily lives of an average family residing in the vibrant city of Lagos. It delves into the diverse characteristics of each family member, highlighting how they navigate life. Through a mix of humour, relatable experiences, and the bonds that tie them together, The Johnsons offer a delightful portrayal of this family’s journey as they face life’s ups and downs with resilience, love, and a touch of laughter. Airs Sunday 8:am on Africa Magic Family GOtv ch 7.


Catch all these and more original series on Africa Magic. Upgrade to GOtv Supa+ this October to enjoy the very best of Africa Magic Showcase. Simply download the MyGOtv App or dial *288# to upgrade, reconnect, or stay connected to GOtv.

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