Beyond Expectation: RCCG CSR/HLF To Feed 1,000,000 School Children In Lagos √√ The Scoper Media 

      HLF/RCCG CSR proudly announces a remarkable School Feeding Initiative, aiming to provide nutritious meals to 1,000,000 students in primary schools across Lagos while actively promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Zero Hunger and Quality Education.

In July, through the Manna Meal School Feeding Program, HLF has already fed 8,954 children in 118 schools in Lagos for the third term, with plans to continue in the upcoming first term starting in September 2023. Additionally, a total of 106,728,606 people has been fed globally through its various feeding initiative and in the 28 daily feeding centers in Lagos.

With over two million children currently out of school in Lagos alone, HLF has already made a difference in the lives of 2,062,260 students. Through The Build a School project, HLF has impacted 39,160 individuals. His Love Foundation has of July has executed a total of 1,816,579 projects, significantly impacting the lives of over 149,047,261 individuals, with a spend of =N=56,531,763,720 on various nationwide projects in the last five years.

HLF/RCCG CSR firmly believes in providing every child with access to quality education, recognizing that addressing hunger is pivotal to achieving this goal. The School Feeding Initiative serves as a testament to the organization’s commitment to uplift communities, following the mandate of compassion and support found in the biblical book of Matthew. Guided by this divine inspiration, the initiative aims to nourish not only the bodies but also the minds of the young generation, empowering them to exceed expectations and make a meaningful impact on society.

HLF/RCCG CSR acknowledges the urgency to fill the void of hunger and extend support to vulnerable segments of society. Aligned with the theme of RCCG’s 71st Convention, “Beyond Expectation,” the initiative aims to break perceived limitations and create a transformative impact on the lives of a million students in Lagos.

HLF/RCCG CSR’s School Feeding Initiative seamlessly aligns with the SDGs of Zero Hunger and Quality Education. The firm belief is that hunger should not hinder a child’s ability to learn and thrive. By providing daily nutritious meals to 1,000,000 students, the initiative aims to break barriers and pave the way for a brighter future where no child is left behind.

Similarly, the organization extends an invitation to other corporate entities, non-governmental organizations, and stakeholders to join hands with HLF/RCCG CSR in this noble cause. Together, they can create a sustainable and hunger-free environment that nurtures the potential of children and fosters a generation equipped to contribute positively to the nation’s growth.

HLF/RCCG CSR’s School Feeding Initiative is a testament to the dedication of making a meaningful impact on society, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and empowerment. The commitment remains steadfast in realizing a Nigeria where hunger is eradicated, and education thrives and the potential of every child is nurtured beyond expectation.

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