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    A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Bode George has described the Labour Party as a movement and not a political party per se.
The elder statesman said the reason people decided to support that movement was that they were tired of the two political parties, that is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC).

He said the younger generation wanted something new because they got tired of the “lacklustre attitude of these two political parties,” Naija News has learnt.

The PDP chieftain told The Punch “I don’t see the LP as a party per se. It is a movement. People got tired of the lacklustre attitude of these two political parties. The younger generation including my children told me to my face that daddy I am voting for this new party. We are tired of your PDP and APC. That was what happened in Lagos. We made it clear that if you don’t make a southern person the presidential candidate of our party we are not going to work with you. It is a misery.”

Baring his mind about why the PDP and APC lost in Lagos State, George pointed out that the result was the anger of the ‘#EndSARS boys’ who wanted change desperately.

“You know what happened? The same type of electoral process that Yakubu adopted had been at play in Lagos State. A cheat likes a rag house, they manipulate the result like a rag house. They play it as if they are in a gambling house, that’s all.

“The younger generation, the #EndSARS boys came out that they are tired of APC and PDP. The result was resounding here in Lagos. They beat the two of them blue and black. It’s a result of the anger in these kids,” he stated.

George submitted while speaking about the chances of the party at the forthcoming governorship polls that the PDP needs to get back to its drawing tables ahead of the polls next Saturday.

He said “The most sensible thing to do is to get back to our tactical table and reorder our priority. We should all agree that these people should be shown the way out at the discussion table and anybody that thinks he wants to go on his own, we will wish him good luck. Let nobody go and threaten any tribe whether Igbo, Hausa, or Yoruba. We will not allow it.”

He however clarified that he was not sure of any possible alliance between the Labour Party and the PDP saying “I don’t know yet. I think that will be the most sensible thing for them to do but I don’t know yet.”

George continued saying “We still have some hours ahead of us and so many things can still happen. We pray for the best but we must start from Yakubu and his team for honesty of purpose, fairness, justice, equity, civility, and the fear of God the almighty. It is for all of us to beg the Almighty God to forgive us all our sins otherwise if you intentionally sin against your creator, you will suffer.

“It is not a matter of aligning with that. I am an older person than both of them. I said let us have a post-mortem analysis. I will not discuss these people on the pages of newspapers. When the time comes and we get to the bridge we will cross it. There will be an analysis of the conduct of this election.”

Speaking about a possible reconciliation within the party the PDP chieftain noted that “We will get back. Who are the characters causing problems at the party? We have forgotten that people will vote and the ones that will vote are much more than the card-carrying members of the party. We will take a decision when the time comes but let’s go and fight the methodology used by Yakubu and his team at the court because it is not acceptable to use.”

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