BRT DRIVER: “My Bus Was Hijacked By The Kidnappers That Murdered Bamise” ~ The Scoper Media

  .Nice Andrew Omininikoron, the 47-year-old BRT driver, that was suspected to have murdered the 22 year old lady, Bamise, said he was a victim of kidnappers that hijacked his bus and subsequently murdered the lady.

    He revealed this, while he was been paraded by the police commissioner in Lagos on Monday 7th march 2022 after he was arrested by the DSS in Ogun state and handed over to the police command in Lagos

   “I picked her from Chevron, and the other three guys at …when those guys show me their weapons as I was inside, I can’t be myself anymore,” Mr Nice said.

   “Fears have come in, so, whatever the man with the gun told me, I do. I followed that Carter Bridge, that overhead bridge, they ordered me to stop there, they say I should open the door, when I open the door, then when they come down, they now start dragging her, when I saw that she was crying for help I was helpless,” he said.

  “I thought she was still in the vehicle and I drove off.”

   The questions begging for  answer are;

  Why did he have to run away without telling the police if indeed he was a victim of kidnapper as he claims?

    Why did he refused to report the incident to his company as to what happened before DSS fished him out.

   Unfortunately, the killers had allegedly dumped her body on Carter Bridge apparently after she made a video and a voice note to her friend to alert her of the danger she was into.

    Oluwabamise had told her friend that she was the only one in the bus apart from some men and a woman whom she suspected had some other intentions.

More details later


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