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   Leading Juice brand, Chivita, consistently prides itself on innovation, prioritizing consumers’ expectations as well as their need for health, nutrition and refreshment with the best quality juices.

   In essence, whether the occasion calls for indulgent taste, distinctive refreshment, rejuvenation, enablement for active health or preference for fruit juice made from natural ingredients with no artificial colour, preservatives & flavours, there is a Chivita to guarantee satisfaction.

   Chivita comes in exciting variants and varying pack sizes such as 1 litre, 500ml, 315ml, 125ml, 90ml and the cool 330ml cans that are stylish, convenient, affordable and accessible to every category of consumers. Chivita can be enjoyed at home, on-the-go, at work, in school, on the playground and during moments of leisure and relaxation.

   To raise consumer consciousness to the various offerings by Chivita, a brand-new campaign tagged “Everyone has a Chivita” will be launched across multiple platforms such as TV, Radio, out of home sites, digital and print, from the 8th of March, to reinforce category leadership of Chivita in Juices, Nectar and Still Drinks category.

   Known for its high quality, health and nutrition, Chivita includes Chivita 100%, Chivita Active, Chi Exotic Nectar, Happy Hour by Chivita, Chivita Ice Tea and very recently, Chivita Smart Malt Drink – which is uniquely positioned to give children all the energy they require to learn and play.

  The award-winning Chivita 100% Fruit Juice is a 100% fruit juice produced from real natural fruits with no added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives. While Chivita Active is a smart and tasty way to get the right dose of antioxidants and stamina for an active, healthy lifestyle.

   Chi Exotic variants are a range of rich, unique fruity blends that offer irresistible taste and distinctive nourishment, making it ideal for indulgence and relaxation.

  Happy Hour by Chivita is rated the fastest growing juice brand with innovative variants that keep consumers refreshed. while Chivita Ice Tea is the perfect beverage for rejuvenation and provides valuable nutrients required by the body.

  CHI Limited Marketing Director, Mrs Toyin Nnodi, stated that the objective of the “Everyone has a Chivita” campaign is to remind consumers of the high quality, nourishing and fruity goodness that the innovative Chivita brand provides to meet their varying needs.

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