DON’T DATE WHILE HEALING, By Funke Egbemode √√ The Scoper Media 


   For most people who are hurting and feeling lonely, blaming everything and everybody including fate is what they do. But wait, while you’re trying to sort out who really hurt who and why, you need to face your demons before diving into another relationship. When you are desperately lonely is not the time to make serious commitments. Wait, feel, heal.
Here are a few antidotes to get you through a lonely season.


Don’t pretend that you are not hurting. She made a fool of you. He broke your heart. You feel like putting one in-between his eyes.

All the signs were there that she was up to no good but you were a ‘happy mumu’. You loved him too much to let go and so he bullied and bashed you for three long years or more and then dumped you like rotten potatoes, so you’ve every right to be sad and disappointed in yourself. I mean, how could you have let a man do that to you? Own up, you messed up big time. He was an SOB and you curse the day you met him. It’s all good to let it all hang out. You gotta feel it to heal it.

Now you know. So. Go on, feel it and start healing. Bawl, cry, pound your pillows, bring it on. Face your fears no matter the time of the day, even if the demons of loneliness hit at 1 a.m. Wait patiently, let the tears flow, heal from the inside out, that way you will not rush into another relationship out of desperation, trying to kill loneliness from outside in.



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