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L-R: Member of Nigeria Peace and Sustainable Initiative (NPSI), Pastor Gift Lemuels; NPSI’s Convener, Prof Christopher Imumolen And Another Member, Dr Emmanuel Ediale, at a press parley  In Lagos

   The Convener of Nigeria Peace and Sustainable Initiative (NPSI), Professor Christopher Imumolen has said that the recent #ENDSARS protests witnessed in some parts of the country is beyond mere agitations to the activities of the police, but beyond that is the need for  the government to fix the economy, which is moribund.

   Recently, protesters had thronged the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos other parts on the country in commemoration of the #EndSARS protests which culminated in the shooting that took place in the area in October, last year.

  But Prof Imumolen insisted that the protest is not only about ending of SARS, but a way to push the government to look into various aspects of the economy.

  Acknowledging that a lot has happened in the last one year, and that the protest has ended police brutality to an extent, Imumolen believes that fixing the economy is what matters most.

  Speaking at a press conference held recently held Lagos, Professor Imumolen said that, much need to be done in terms of the economy, interpreting ENDSARS in such a way that it will involve fixing the economy.

  To Imumolen, each letter in EndSARS means the “E” stands for Employment, “N” stands for Nigeria for All, “D” for Digitalisation of the Economy, “S” for Security and Safety for All, “A” for Alternative Source of Power “R” for Rescue Nigeria from Poverty while “S” stands for Social Welfare for All”.

  Prof. Imumolen said that, if all these parameters are worked on, Nigeria can be great in less than six years.

  The Convener informed that, they are equally working on a movement that will metamorphose into a political party which will feature in national discussions and give a voice to young Nigerian youths to achieve their goals in life.

   The movement, Imumolen said is about young Nigerians who are ready to rescue the country from the present condition it is.

  Explaining further, he said “We are working on a movement that will metamorphose into a political party. We will be involved in the 2023 elections. Already, we have started the registration of the party. Before now, we have been working as social entrepreneur since 2010”.

  “The movement is about young Nigerians who are ready to rescue the country. We will be sincere and we have the knowledge and international exposure”.

  Warning that things will get worse, if Nigeria doesn’t get it right this time, Prof Imumolen advised both the youths and the entire citizens to get involved in the democratic process, stating that is the only way to bring about the desired change we want.

  “It is the right of every Nigerian to have a voters card. Nigerians must endeavour to get voters cards and engage in politics”, Imumolen advised.

  Prof.Imumolen also revealed that NPSI has plans to creat room for the middle class which at present does not exist in the Nigerian society, adding that the only way to build Nigeria is to provide social interventions for the people.

  On security, Prof Imumolen assured that the NPSI will take the right approach to see that the issue of security is talked holistically.

  “Insecurity is not caused naturally but man-made. There is need for total overhaul of the security apparatus. We will approach the security issues sincerely”,Imumolen said.

  Other areas the NPSI will address, according to Imumolen include: youth unrest, employment of youths, fight against cyber crime etc.

   On efforts of the government, one year after ENDSARS, Imumolen noted that the government has only paid lip service to the situation.

  Although, he observed that there  are fantastic policies in place which are not properly implemented.

  Emphasising further, Imumolen said “We have seen evidences of families who were affected but the government has not opened up. We need to do more about the implication of 5 by 5. The massacre theory is there. and there are video evidences. Let’s see what we can do to regain the trust of the people”.

  “This time around, it is not going to be political as usual. We are going to move the youths to ensure they engage in the political process”.

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