YOU MOCKED ME FOR BEING CHILDLESS – Eniola Badmus Drags Laide Bakare 🎊 The Scoper Media

ACTRESS Eniola Badmus has accused her colleague Laide Bakare of ridiculing her for being childless.

The drama began on Tuesday, when Laide called out Eniola on her Instagram page for ridiculing her dress during her book launch.

This follows criticism from fans and colleagues on Laide Bakare’s clothing and makeup at her book launch in Lagos.

In reaction, Laide shared a screenshot of a post written by a colleague, expressing her disappointment with Eniola, a childhood friend, for joining others in mocking her.

Laide Bakare wrote:“I had to Do this post before some of you got confused about who stated it o you can all see she started it ☝️. Hmmm, Na wa o. you will see the good ones and great Achievements, you will ignore! Have you ever congratulated me on any of my successes? CAPITAL NO. And not only you thou, including some of your colleagues in the Yoruba movie sector. Inu ni bini yin ti po ju😡 . You guys can’t even hide it.

“But Always scanning for my mistakes to nail me🤷‍♀️. As gentle as I am 🤦‍♀️ they must surely come for me first. Because I’m not a Trouble Maker. I honestly don’t know why every one of you love to b-lly Me 😭😢😭 even this one self wey be say na my childhood friend in the industry. We grew up together, studied at University of Ibadan at the same time. Honestly, I’m confused🤦‍♀️but no problems sha 🙏 Almighty God will fight my battle. I won’t fight back nor retaliate. So help me God.”

However, Eniola Badmus responded in the post’s comments section, claiming that Laide insulted her for being childless and supporting President Bola Tinubu.

Eniola Badmus wrote:

“Madam childhood friend how come you lost your brain in my DM when you were shaming me four days ago.
you’re quick to come to the public to say I’m your childhood friend but same you shamed me in my DM that I don’t have a child and a family but you did not remember I was ur childhood friend in the industry even shamed me for Supporting My President Bola Tinubu….

“Laide you know me too well that when it comes to Vawlence I AM A WARLORD the fact that you called me out the other time and I did not reply you doesn’t mean am weak I just decided to let you be OLAIDE SHAKIRAT BAKARE Ori n ta e MICHAEL JACKSON OF OUR TIME.”

Remember that the two spat in 2022 after Eniola chastised Laide for flaunting her freshly bought Toyota and Lexus as a reward for “hard work.”