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Experience Premium Entertainment And Comfort With GOtv’s Innovative Features


     Since its inception in 2011, GOtv has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. What began as a simple digital terrestrial receiver has transformed over the years to encompass a range of innovative features designed to enhance the viewing experience for its customers.

GOtv now offers two distinct decoder models: Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). Both offer technology that empowers users with self-service options, making subscription management and troubleshooting easier.

Going a step further, the introduction of the Sabiman scheme underscores GOtv’s commitment to customer satisfaction and empowering young Nigerians.

Let’s delve into the innovative features of the GOtv decoder and how they contribute to a seamless and personalized viewing experience for GOtv subscribers.

Decoder Functionality: GOtv began with a simple set-top box with basic signal input and audio-visual output systems. Today, it presents two varieties of GOtv models: the Standard Definition (SD) GOtv Decoder Model and High Definition (HD) GOtv Decoder Model.

Standard Definition (SD) Decoder Model: The GOtv standard definition (SD) decoder model displays pictures and audio sound in standard quality. It is distinguishable by its typical Audio/Visual (AV) output ports, traditionally coloured in red, yellow, and white, located on the rear side of the decoder. Additionally, the SD GOtv decoder includes a coaxial or RF cable output intended for additional TV extension points. The SD GOtv decoder has limited compatibility and cannot display channels labelled as HD, as it lacks the capability to support high-definition broadcasts.

High Definition (HD) GOtv Decoder Model: This GOtv HD decoder version exhibits updated designs and smaller sizes, offering full HD display capabilities. The HD GOtv decoder models can display all channels in both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). The major difference from the SD decoder is the inclusion of an HDMI port, allowing for seamless connection to your smart TV using an HDMI cable. This decoder type allows the transmission of super-clear pictures and high-quality audio. Functions such as power supply (AC), RF-IN, RF-OUT, and operational buttons, are also available on the GOtv HD decoder models.

Easy Self-Service Options: GOtv’s *288# Short code and MyGOtv App are valuable tools that enhance convenience and accessibility when it comes to making instant payments, managing subscription packages, troubleshooting errors, accessing program information, and monitoring your account balance. The *288# short code allows subscribers to access GOtv self-service options without internet data or the use of a smartphone.

GOtv’s Sabi Man: GOtv established the Sabiman scheme as part of its commitment to empowering young Nigerians. The scheme has a dual objective of empowering young Nigerians and providing solutions to the various issues GOtv subscribers may experience with the service. Since its inception in 2016, GOtv Sabiman has ensured that GOtv remains the primary choice for Nigerians through various initiatives. Some of the roles of the GOtv Sabiman include customer service, onboarding new customers, consumer education and subscription aid, Technical support.

In addition to the brand’s dedication to offering top-notch content, GOtv also places great emphasis on the comfort and seamless use of its product, continually innovating to enhance customer experience and ensure that every moment of entertainment is both enjoyable and hassle-free.

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