Experts Task Students On Creativity, Exposure Inclusive Education, By Cleopatra Eki √√ The Scoper Media 


    Director, Assured Hope Christian Schools (Pre School, Basic & College), Mrs Mauryn Nnamdi, has advised students on creativity inclusive education and exposure for total development and better future.
Speaking at the anniversary and graduation ceremony at the school premises in ljanikin Lagos.

She reminded parents and caregivers that graduating students will become future persons of all works of life such as artistes, doctors, lawyers, mathematicians, musicians, sports men and women because of different gifts and talents which will defined their future beyond the certificate in their hands.

She added that “Assured Hope Christian Schools is designed to discover and develop the hidden talent in your ward. We run all inclusive educational programme for the total development”
Assured Hope schools provides a solid educational foundation for our children.

“The school is established since 2005 till date, nurtures and mentors children by inclucating in them high moral and ethnical values which prepare them for a life of fulfilment and service.”
Nnamdi said that by imbibing sound culture and integrity, which are our core values, our students are able to stand head on with any of their contemporaries anywhere in the world.

The Director appreciated the effort and support of parents and families who bring their children for grooming over a decade and half journey with us.
Earlier, Board Chairman Assured Hope Christian Schools, Pastor George Nnamdi maintained that as community of schools we have all bonded ourselves together using our platforms for our advocacy agenda to resource the glory of basic education in Nigeria.
The Chairman said the journey to a new, better and great Nigeria, has to be activated, we should not relent in pressing forward with innovative and creative ways of doing things for better results in the lives of our children and Nigerian education sector.

Speaking to the Principal Mrs O.R. Oludipe, said Assured Hope Christian College envisages all and balanced education based on academic, physical, moral and social formation.
We are training our students to be global leaders, they are intentional about leadership skills. Whenever our students go out, we get positive feedback that they are well behaved. “Over the years, we have built a culture of excellence and had fantastic academic results.
Speaking, Mrs Folivi Oteju, Primary School Supervisor, said AHCA has a strong tradition of celebrating achievements and milestones, and encouraging children’s self esteem through our team effort in bringing learning “alive’ and extending pupil’s experiences so that they will be prepared for the next steps in their education.
The children leave at age 10 with a strong sense of belonging to the community that believe strongly in them. They leave as responsible and independent young people, we are very proud of them.We are a school that provides many opportunities for students to showcase their talents..

The highpoint of the event were Comedy by MC, choreography, cultural display, Sign language, Yoruba and lgbo, musical and french presentations, parents and guests dance and presentation of certificate to pupils.

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