EXPOSED ! Pastor Dupes Legal Wife In Italy, Impregnates 2 Ladies In Theology School, Remarries Side-Chick In Nigeria ~ The Scoper Media


  A 59-year-old Italy-based Nigerian, Mrs Veronica Bolaji Wiwoloku has alleged that her husband of 33 years, Mr. Olusola Omololu Wiwoloku, abandoned her to marry another woman in Nigeria, whilst still legally married to her.

  According to her, Mr Wiwoloku packed out of their home in Italy on October 10, 2019 without notice.

   Mr and Mrs Wiwoloku has been married since1988 and the marriage is blessed with three children, the first of which is 31 years old.

  Mrs Wiwoloku said she was in Nigeria together with her husband in June 2019, but, her husband returned to Italy ahead of her. But, when she arrived Italy, she was told her husband had left home.

  “I returned to Italy from Nigeria on October 10th and I called my husband to let him know that I had landed in Rome and that I would take my flight to our home the next day, but I didn’t meet him when I got home on October 11.

  “I called to know his whereabouts but he said I shouldn’t bother to look for him. When I asked my children the movement of their dad before I arrived, they told me that their dad didn’t discuss his whereabouts, but that he collected about N2million from my business before leaving.

  “When he later travelled back to Nigeria last year, I received calls from one Nancy Modupe Olajiga, 47-year-old, a civil servant with Ekiti State government, working in the Ministry of Justice as a senior legal officer, who has been married to four different men, threatening me that she had taken over my husband and also my properties.

  “I didn’t believe this because I didn’t think someone can marry another woman without divorce. We did court marriage in Nigeria and we also did in Italy and this man didn’t for one day seek for divorce from me. Someone however sent me a newspaper publication of the new wife’s change of name and also the court affidavit”.

 This confirmed my fear.

  When our correspondent asked Mrs Wiwoloku why her husband abandoned her to marry another woman in Nigeria, she said:

  “I think he’s after my properties, because the new woman called me that they have taken over my properties. I have a house, industrial land and many landed properties in Nigeria that I gave my husband money to buy on my behalf.

  “We had bought the properties in our family name because of the love I have for my husband.

  “I’m presently in Nigeria now and I have been trying to reach my husband, so that we can discuss and have my properties back, but, he has been avoiding me.

  “In my effort to see him, I called one of his close friends to know how he can facilitate our meeting, but, his friend told me he just went back to Italy.”

  When our correspondent asked further about Mr Wiwoloku and why she trusted him with her properties, she said: “I did everything because of the love I had for him. There are many times I should have doubted his love and trust but I didn’t, because of my children.

  “There are many atrocities he committed which I covered up for him in Italy. One of them was his cousin Ebunoluwa Robert, who had to run away from our house when I was away to Nigeria in the year 2007, because my husband was having an affair with her anytime I was not at home.

  “My husband also impregnated two ladies in Italy at the Theology school he attended, but I covered up because of my children.

  “I want to use this medium to appeal to his place of work, Pellegrino Della Terra, his church Methodist and Valdese Church in Palermo and Italian government to please investigate him and make sure he returns to Nigeria.”

   Our correspondent couldn’t reach Mr Wiwoloku and Mrs Nancy Modupe for their reaction on his Nigeria line; messages were also sent to their numbers, but no response had been received as at the time of publication.


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