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Native doctor slaughters mad man during treatment in Adamawa


     The police in Adamawa state has arrested a 48-year-old native doctor identified as Ezekiel Buba, for allegedly killing a mentally challenged man identified as Alamisa, brought to him for treatment at Gombiyel in Shelleng Local Government Area of the state.

Buba who was paraded before newsmen by the police on Thursday, March 23, accused a demon of slaughtering the deceased. He stated that the deceased, who was suffering from mental illness and epilepsy, was brought to him by his elder brother, Yahaya Musa of Kambillam in company of other family members for treatment. Buba said he earlier tested the deceased and found out that he was mentally derailed, but that he had no chickens at that time to slaughter to offer sacrifice for the man to get well.


“I usually slaughter chickens for sacrifice to a blood demon in order to prevent it from tourching anybody. Failure to make sacrifice to the demon, a patient cannot get well”.Buba said


He went on to state that while performing some rituals with a robe at his backyard, the demon descended in a whirlwind with knives tied on his leg and slit the throat of the patient.

” I saw the demon in the whirlwind but before I could reach where the patient is lying down to protect him, the demon over took me and slaughtered him. Initially, the demon had warned me and demanded that I should slaughter chickens and offer sacrifice of blood. I was waiting for market day to buy the chickens for sacrifice as demanded.”he said

He added that the family members of the deceased did not see the demon while coming down to the scene to kill Alamisa, saying that he was the only one who sighted it and rushed in to prevent it but to no avail. According to him, he normally communicates with the demon which he inherited from his grandmother when asleep in the night in Koma Damti dialect in Jada LGA, saying that he has been using it to treat people in order to earn a living.

On his part, an elder brother of the deceased, Yahaya Musa, blamed the native doctor for murdering his brother, saying that he was the one who slaughtered his brother and removed his throat.

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