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      It’s school season and the kids deserve a weekend getaway filled with fun and excitement, and GOtv has a special lineup of kids content to give your kids an awesome weekend. This month of November, your kids will experience laughter, magic, adventure, naughty pranks and a little bit of spookiness. Here are our top picks for the weekend.

Freaky Friday 

It’s a spooky Friday with Ellie and her two friends, Karl and Monica. The trio discuss the school’s annual scavenger hunt while Ellie’s mum, Kathrine, has to deal with her daughter’s tantrums while both are in a frenzy preparing for a wedding.

In the days leading to the wedding Kathrine and Ellie switch bodies and the two must find a way to settle their differences and make the wedding day a memorable day.

Catch Freaky Friday at 4:25 pm on Friday 24th November on Disney Channel GOtv CH 92

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures 

The younglings are on a mission to become Jedi Knights during the high republic era. The team go through a series of missions, trials and challenges that teach them the value of compassion, self-discipline, teamwork and patience.

Watch new episodes of Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures at 6:30 pm on Friday 24th November on Disney Junior GOtv CH 82

Walk the prank 

Get ready for the ultimate prank war of the century with Bailey, Chance, and Dusty on walk the prank as they go around town with hidden cameras pulling epic pranks on unsuspecting people and posting the videos on their online channel.

Walk the prank with the crew airs at 9:25 pm on Saturday 25th November on Disney Channel GOtv CH 92

Mickey’s Monster Musical

The cast of Mickey Mouse clubhouse are in for a spooky night of adventure. When the toon car breaks down, Mickey, Minnie and the crew meet Count Mikula and a spooky cast of characters at a nearby castle. The clubhouse crew are surprised to see that Count Mikula looks like Mickey, can fly and has fangs like a vampire.

Their new friends have a problem and the crew must come together despite all the challenges to solve the mysteries of the night.

Tune in at 6:00 pm, Saturday 25th November on Disney Junior GOtv CH 82

Big Nate

Big Nate follows the adventures of Nate’s sixth grade friends, Francis, Teddy, Chad, and Dee Dee. Nate and his friends make life in sixth grade interesting for them as they take on their social science teacher Mrs Godfrey who Nate calls his arch nemesis “the school’s Godzilla”. At school, Nate is one detention away from the fate everyone fears and he makes himself the next victim of the school’s prank master. Start the adventure of Big Nate and his friends at 12:48 pm on Saturday 25th November on Nickelodeon GOtv CH 87

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