Gen. Edjeani-Afenu, The First Ghanaian Woman To Be Appointed General Of The Ghana Armed Forces ~ The Scoper Media


   As the world is gradually leaning towards the threshold of giving women the mandate, the opportunity to lead and take charge in their various endeavours, Ghana is not an exception to the rule.

   The story of Constance Ama Emefa Edjeani-Afenu who is the first female to be appointed as a General of the Ghana Armed Forces begins when she first joined the GAF in 1978 at the age of 18 years.

   After having been trained for two years, Edjeani-Afenu was commissioned into the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) on April 25, 1980, according to details on

   Before occupying her position as a General of the GAF, Edjeani-Afenu also became the first female to be appointed Brigadier General in the country.

   Her journey to the monumental achievement started after she served in the army for over four decades and rose through ranks to become a General of the Armed Forces.

   In addition to her many achievements, while rising through the ranks in the GAF, Constance Ama Emefa Edjeani-Afenu was in 1999 appointed as the Commanding Officer of the Forces Pay Regiment, making her the first female to occupy the position in the history of the GAF.


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