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“Go Back To Nigeria In 48 Hours”- Nigerian Man Deported From Canada Immediately After He Arrived 🎊 The Scoper Media


“I really wanted to win because a Nigerian guy took my girl; now they’ve taken my joy” – Heartbroken South African man



A man who traveled to Canada to be with his wife has been urged to return to Nigeria immediately.



According to Sassy Funke’s TikTok post, the man was turned back at the entry barrier and told to leave within 48 hours


According to Sassy Funke, the individual did not indicate in his visa application that he had previously been denied a visa by Turkey.

This did not sit well with the immigration officers at the Canadian port of entry, who turned him back because they thought he was a liar.

Funke claimed the man’s wife sent her an email with the terrible story.

She said: “They probably found out after they had given him the visa. They can still deny you even at the airport in Canada. It’s very important to make sure to always make sure to fill out applications properly.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions as man is turned back after entering Canada

@deingreat commented: “The visa office didn’t do their due diligence before issuing the visa! They should have recalled the visa before he travelled.”

@user2879293506806 said: “The way the Canadians will look at it is, if he has lied about this, what else has he lied about in his application?”

@baba.afeez1 asked: “When they get to know he lied, then why did they grant him the visa and deny him at the point of entry?”

@jaysmum_ said: “He needs to upload and affidavit stating it was an honest oversight. it has to be notarized. The wife can help him process this.”

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