Guild of Photojournalists Prioritises Education, Partners Colleges

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     The Guild of Photojournalists Nigeria (GPN) has sealed a partnership deal with Nigerian Institute of Journalists (NIJ) to collaborate in the area of professional certification and knowledge transfer which would benefit both the members of the GPN and students of the school.

   This noble feat was established during a courtesy visit to the Head of Photography of the school, Dr. Adeboye Ola on Tuesday in Lagos.

  The Chairman, GPN, Mr. Abiodun Ajala who noted in his speech that the Nigerian Institute of Journalists has honed the skills of many practising journalists in the country stated that the vision of the group was pivoted on knowledge and aligned with the values of the institution.

  Ajala added that giving photojournalism body like GPN a minimum educational qualification benchmark would not only mitigate quackery but also place the group on the same scale with other professional bodies for easy regulations and upholding ethical conducts.

  He said “Our mission here is to assure you of the GPN’s resolve to seek knowledge for the growth of the profession and also anchor its programmes on knowledge.

  “We want to give our profession a Nobel status and attract men and women of academic excellence to our fold.

  “Photography is generally known to be a technical art that requires some level of education and information which we believe NIJ is giving their students at a minimal cost.

  “Therefore, we would want to partner with the school to give some of our members the minimum required education for a proficiency certificate. This will not only help visual communication skills but also secure the future of the profession.

  “Just like the professional associations of doctors, dentists, accountants, architects etc. They align by certificates and ethics of their own professions. So it’s high time we take our profession to its pride of place ensuring visibility and seen to be doing the right things.

  “Therefore, we have acceded to resource capacity development for students. The group through its members share knowledge with the new intakes, both the newsroom and field knowledge.”

  In his response, Dr Ola applauded the gesture and said the school was ready to partner with the group as long as it benefits the human development. He added that those who cannot study for three months at a stretch have other options they can still explore.

  He encouraged members to keep up the visual storytelling ideas as single news images adopted in Nigerian dailies are seen as incomplete and not embraced across the media globally.

  According to the GPN general secretary, Odutayo Odusanya, the body has a mission to encourage young minds inclined in visual communication especially in the primary and secondary schools.

  “We are also putting together a proposal for these set of people to help nurture their talents which may look like fun to them now. This will go a long way in shaping their future without necessarily hampering their academic pursuit.” He quipped

About GPN……….

Guild of Photojournalists Nigeria berthed in August 29, 2020 with 35 members that cut across the mainstream media and online news platforms in Nigeria. The mission is to provide a level playing ground for all members, ensures professionalism through knowledge acquisition and constant training and maintain cordial relationships across the strata of human endeavors.

  GPN is saddled with the responsibility of a new narrative after 30 years of rudderless leadership in a previous association.



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