“HE MUST BE A GREAT TAILOR” – Netizens React As Tailor Is Buried Inside Sewing Machine Shaped Coffin + Video √√ The Scoper Media

  A video of a sewing machine-shaped coffin has gone viral on social media, sparking a heated discussion. In the video, a few men are seen struggling to lower the unique coffin into the ground.

The reason for choosing such a distinctive coffin remains uncertain, leading to speculations among concerned individuals.


Some believe the deceased might have been buried in it because of their sewing skills, while one commenter humorously suggested they might have plans to sew garments in heaven.

Many others have shared their opinions on the comment page.



swift_swifter: “E wan dey sew garment for heaven?”

mubaroqa04: “No matter how fine it is. May we not enter it at young age.”

mur_thriftbox: “God forgive me o, why am I laughing this hard that person is sure carrying his or her sewing machine to heaven.”

rhymino_awagaboy: “I know most of you don’t know her , buh this is Kwese Mapia a popular Ghanaian tailor, she died few months ago and was buried.”

rosythrone: “Omo there’s no guarantee of resting in peace after death, Ghana be leaving their loved ones souls frustrated.”

zinny_cleo: “Even the Rest In Peace we say as farewell to the dead una wan deprive this one of it, How the person wan come Rest In Peace now??? Na to begin obioma work for the other side remain.”

kamsy_ikechiukwu: “All this Ghana people with their own mentality, so una dey show us say nah Taylor the person do die abi?”

_lov_issabella: “How this man wan take rest in peace ,he work for earth still wan go do tailor for heaven. evidence Dey this one no need to explain.”



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