HEALTH TIPS: 12 Things That Happen When Clove Is Eaten On Empty Stomach By Aminat Umar √√ The Scoper Media

    Chewing 1-2 cloves daily on an empty stomach could lower your blood sugar, prevent tooth decay and promote digestive health. Know all benefits from a nutritionist.

Cloves, also known as laung in India, are dried flower buds from the clove tree and is a popular spice used frequently in rice preparations, curries, bakery items, ground spice mixtures that is used in soups, stews and meat preparations. Clove oil on the other hand is used more for medicinal purposes like pain relief, curing digestive issues and helping with respiratory conditions. Different parts of clove tree like dried flower buds, stems and leaves are used in Ayurvedic medicines. (Also read: Diabetes: Consume these 5 herbs on empty stomach to manage blood sugar levels)

Clove has a compound called Eugenol that has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that helps curb inflammation caused by diseases like arthritis and help your body to fight free radicals and cut risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc.

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With so many amazing properties, chewing clove daily on empty stomach can reduce risk of several diseases, take care of your dental health and keep your digestion strong.

Here are benefits of chewing cloves on empty stomach:

• Enhances liver health: “Dried clove buds are said to have a hepato-protective effect on the liver. It boosts liver health by promoting new cell growth, liver detox and also has a protective effect due to a range of active compounds like thymol and eugenol,” says Arooshi Garg, Nutritionist at GOQii.

• Controls blood sugar: Consuming a pinch of clove powder on an empty stomach has shown a positive effect on the blood sugar management of diabetic patients. It leads to less insulin resistance, improvement in insulin secretion, and beta cell function, says Garg.

• Reduces nausea: “Those who suffer from morning sickness could benefit from chewing cloves on an empty stomach due to their anaesthetic and antiseptic properties. When it mixes with saliva, certain enzymes are produced that help in reducing nausea related symptoms,” says nutritionist Ishti Saluja.

• Amazing for oral health: Cloves have been used since ages as a tooth pain reliever. Along with the pain-relieving properties, it also helps in reducing oral inflammation, plaque, gingivitis and fights bad breath, says Garg.

“Cloves help freshen breath after waking up. Their anti-bacterial properties ensure better oral health and hygiene throughout the day. They also prevent the buildup of plaque (sticky substance made from leftover food particles and saliva that mix in the mouth),” says Saluja.

• Boosts digestive health: Cloves are said to improve the digestive fire due to its warm tendency.

“Clove can help in improving secretion of digestive juices and reduce bloating issues. However, one should be cautious about the amount used, as an excess intake of cloves can lead to slow blood clotting, diarrhoea, vomiting and other health issues,” says Garg.

“Cloves have antimicrobial properties that help kill unwanted bacteria in the gut. This promotes better gut health, digestion and absorption of nutrients. Cloves are known to kill E. Coli – a strain of bacteria that causes food poisoning,” says Saluja.

• Helps reduce joint pain: Cloves contain elements like manganese and flavonoids that help maintain bone density. These elements help in repair of bone tissue, thus reducing or preventing joint pain, while also delaying muscle loss in elderly people. Applying clove oil is also a good way to help reduce joint pain and support muscles, says Saluja.

• Relieves constipation: Ishti Saluja says cloves support healthy digestion. and chewing them first thing in the morning enhances the production of saliva, which sets the right tone for digestion at the start of the day. Other than reducing constipation, cloves also help in reducing nausea and acidity.

• Acts as a natural pain killer: Eugenol is what gives cloves its analgesic properties. Consuming cloves regularly on an empty stomach helps reduce migraines and headaches. It can also be consumed in a powder form, mixed with a pinch of rock salt in a glass of warm milk, says Saluja.

• Builds immunity: Winter related flus, cold, bronchitis, sinus, viral infection can all be reduced by increasing your consumption of cloves. The anti-viral and blood purification properties of cloves reduce toxicity in blood, therefore increasing the body’s immunity, says the nutritionist.

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