TOUCHING FAREWELL: Herbert Wigwe’s Daughter Tochi Shed Heartrending Tears As She Reveals How Late Brother Saved Her Number On His Phone 🎊 The Scoper Media

Herbert Wigwe’s daughter delivered a touching tribute to her late brother, Chizi

During a memorial ceremony attended by family, friends, and well-wishers, emotions were stirred by a video featuring the heartfelt tribute of the late Herbert Wigwe’s daughter to her brother, Chizi Wigwe.

The tribute, delivered by one of her friends, reflected on the close bond they shared and how Chizi saved her name on his phone.

During the memorial service for Chizi Wigwe, the son of late Access Holding’s CEO Herbert Wigwe, his sister Tochi delivered a touching tribute.

Chizi tragically lost his life in a helicopter crash alongside his father and mother weeks prior.

A heartbreaking video shared on TikTok captured Tochi’s tribute, which was read by a friend during the memorial ceremony.

Tochi fondly reminisced about their shared memories as siblings, emphasizing that Chizi was more than just a brother to her.

She revealed a touching detail about how he saved her name on his phone as ‘Tochi’s sister,’ while she stored his number with an ATM emoji.

Tochi further shared an anecdote about someone questioning Chizi’s choice of name, to which he replied, “Who wouldn’t want Tochi as a sister?” This gesture reflected their close bond and mutual admiration.

With a heavy heart, Tochi praised her late brother for being not only a sibling but also a close friend and confidant during his lifetime.

Part of her tribute read:

“I’ve been grappling with the words to honour Chizi since I received the devastating news. But on Thursday evening around 7:03 pm, I felt a whisper of silence, a sign that nudged me to express what was in my heart.

“It feels as though God meticulously designed Chizi and me to be siblings. I used to joke that if we weren’t related we would either be sworn enemies or inseparable best friends. Chizi you were not just my brother, you were my confidant, my partner in crime, my best friend.

“I am forever grateful to have experienced a bond with you that transcends words, a love that was unwavering, a sense of protection that was ever constant. Though we must part for now, I take solace in the belief that we will reunite someday.

“Until then, my corporate rockstar rest easy and continue to watch over me from above. You forever reside in my heart. I love you, Chizi.”