Hollandia Evap Milk Partners Mercy Johnson-Okojie on Mercy’s Menu Season 2

They say practice makes perfect, and that is certainly true when it comes to cooking. Cooking meals at home alone or with your family and friends on a regular basis will help refine your skills and offer an opportunity to indulge in exciting meals. In view of this, families can look forward to a return for the second season of Mercy’s Menu, an online reality cooking show hosted by versatile actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie in partnership with leading evaporated milk brand, Hollandia Evap Milk.

The show which premiered on August 12, will feature exclusive content for audiences, including quick, easy, exciting meal recipes and helpful cooking tips in 8 weekly episodes. The Mercy Menu show promises to be lots of fun to watch and will feature her intimate experience of cooking with some of your favourite celebrities as guests, including Maryam Apaokagi (popularly known as Taaooma), Funke Akindele Bello and Mary Remmy Njoku.

It will be aired on Mercy Johnson-Okojie and Hollandia Evap Milk’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages every Thursday. Three viewers will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes every week through participation in a special social media trivia contest highlighted during the show.

Mercy’s Menu is designed to enhance Hollandia Evap Milk’s bond with consumers by inspiring them with exciting meal recipes for their everyday lifestyle. It is also a platform to reiterate Hollandia Evap Milk’s nurturing and nourishing health benefits to every member of the family.

Hollandia Evap Milk is a creamy, tasty, nourishing, all-rounder evaporated milk and contains the right nutrients for a healthy breakfast. Hollandia Evap Milk is rich in B-vitamins, Calcium and Vitamin D.

Brand Manager, Hollandia Evap Milk, Ademola Mafikuyomi, said that cooking connects people in many ways. The Mercy’s Menu show will offer families the choice of culinary tips, exciting meals, fun & nourishing moments

“We are here to bring joy to families and friends with easy recipes and activities that will help them make the most of the season, and who better than Mercy Johnson-Okojie to share her take on classic recipes to remind us all of how much fun we can have together in the kitchen,” he said.

Award-winning actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, expressed delight at the opportunity and stated that “it is incredibly important to enjoy every single moment with the people you love by inspiring them to enjoy simple pleasures like cooking with the support and right nourishment from Hollandia Evap Milk.”

Hollandia Evap Milk is available in 60g, 120g and 190g pack sizes, and can be purchased at CHI Shoppes, departmental stores, neighborhood kiosks, markets, as well as supermarkets across Nigeria.

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