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L-R: Managing Director of Hantec Market Africa, Mike Fowope; Chief Commercial Officer Hantec Markets, Hamdan Abu Hayel; and Executive Director of Business Development, Adegboyega Shittu, during the Fun, Food, and Finance with Hantec Markets held in Lagos… recently 



      The Chief Commercial Officer Hantec Markets, Hamdan Abu Hayel, announced how a Nigerian Forex trader outranked other traders’ performance in 2022.

According to the Hantec CCO, the company fetched more than 8 million dollars last year stating that one of the highest payout traders came from Nigeria.

Hayel said there was a lot of potential in trading with Hantec Market, while explaining the opportunity in earning more money through artificial intelligence.

While celebrating its 33 years of existence globally, over the weekend in Lagos, the company put a smile on the faces of its partners, clients, and friends in Nigeria and other African continents in an event tagged “Fun, Food, and Finance with Hantec Markets.

Five Smart TVs was given to outstanding partners and each attendees received customized branded hoodie.

On the basis of this however, the Managing Director of Hantec Market Africa, Mike Fowope, admonished other traders to add value to their product so that it will appeal to their customers to buy into it. He noted that Hantec Market has different tools that can help its clients sell and lure more people into their platform, and he said that the platform can also help them scale up their business.

Fowope said, “I appreciate our partners who have been doing business with Hantec for years. Hantec makes every effort to support their partners and clients throughout the process of making finance better.”

Similarly, reiterating the process of earning without necessarily being a forex trader, Hayel said, “You don’t need to be a trader before you earn money in forex trading. We have a platform where we have a lot of traders; clients can check them all out and see which suits their sort of risk appetite and the money they are willing to invest, and once they have made that choice, they can actually start copying every trade that a particular master is copying.

“This is for partners that do not have the education to trade themselves or who want to do the trading but want to monetise their network. There are many tools that Hantec has provided to their partners to improve their business modules.”

The Executive Director of Business Development, Adegboyega Shittu, explained that the goal is to let people understand how they can improve on their earnings on a monthly basis.

Matthew Okoidegun, a forex coach from Nigeria said, “You need to be generating money in dollars right now more than ever. Digital skill, such as forex trading, have taken control and are where new streams of income are generated.

Hantec Market offers a simplified way to succeed in the financial market through the Hantec Social App. Experienced traders can monetise their skills, while inexperienced traders can copy their chosen experts and profit from their trades.”

In conclusion however, Hantec Markets is an established forex broker with over three decades of experience since its inception in 1990. With a strong regulatory presence under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, Hantec Markets has maintained credibility and trust within the industry.


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