.“How Many DNA Can You Do For A Dog” – Lanre Gentry Tackles Ex-Wife, Mercy Aigbe

   Nollywood star actress, Mercy Aigbe has been taken to the cleaners by her former husband, Lanre Gentry.

   Recall that Mercy Aigbe’s new husband, Kazeem Adeoti’s first wife, Oluwafunso, recently alleged that the actress has been sleeping with her husband when her son with Lanre Gentry was 5months old.

   However, reacting to the allegation, a concerned Nigerian @ahjokey took to the social media to call the attention of Mercy Aigbe’s former husband, Lanre Gentry to the accusation made by Oluwafunso.   

   @ahjokey wrote: “Have you seen what the wife wrote that Mercy has been sleeping with Kazeem since Juwon was 5months old. Please go and do the DNA Test oooo.”

   But, Lanre Gentry in his reaction, said; “That is the problem of Adekaz wife and Mercy, when ashewo visit your house what do you expect.”

   On the other hand, another user, @adukeade_03 wrote; “Please do DNA test, we can contribute.”

    Responding, Lanre Gentry said; “Please do you know that in Nigeria constitution there’s no bastard, everyone belong to one parents thanks.”

    Similarly, another concerned Nigeria with a laughing emoji, begged Lanre Gentry to conduct a DNA Test.

  @florencearaabayastore wrote; “DNA must be done ooooo.”

    Interestingly, in his reaction, Lanre Gentry, replied; “How many DNA can you do for a dogs.”

    Lanre Gentry reacting to that asked a rhetorical question of how many DNAs could be performed on dogs and that strikes really hard as he’s indirectly referring to his ex-wife Mercy Aigbe as a dog because she was accused of sleeping with another man.

    If indeed Mercy Aigbe was sleeping with her current husband when her son was 5 months old then it was wrong of her but then referring to her as a dog is very insensitive of her ex-husband Lanre considering the fact that he was also sleeping with another when still married to her.

screenshot below;



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