.How We Uncovered Human Parts In Uncompleted Building – Ilora Residents ~ The Scoper Media

  The residents of a community in Oyo town, along Oyo/Ilora Road, in the Oyo West Local Government Area have uncovered activities of suspected ritualists in an uncompleted building in the area.

  We report that those living close to the building started combing the bushes after perceiving unpleasant odours within the area, and thereafter stumbled on decomposing human parts in the uncompleted building and reported the case to the Oyo West Police Station.

  The resident of the community, who identified himself as Lanre, said that he was there when a police team visited the building, adding that some suspects had been arrested in connection with the matter.

  “Three days ago, there was a stench from an uncompleted building and residents thought some persons were defecating in the place. But when they searched the area, a complete human arm was found and some other items that suggested that some persons had probably been killed there’, he said.

  “The case was reported to the police in Oyo and they came and arrested some suspects. We were disturbed because the policemen that came did not allow us to take pictures of the human parts discovered there’.

   “We don’t want the case to be covered up. Many things are happening now. Human beings are daily being killed for rituals and if such a thing is discovered, I believe the police should do everything possible to expose those behind it”

  We further reports that another resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that human bones and the school uniform of a child were found at the site, adding that the discoveries raised suspicions that the act might have been going on for a while.

  “Those living close to the site said they used to see a man riding a motorcycle to the place. They said the man used to work with a shovel in the building; they thought he was clearing debris, but did not know he was carrying out criminal activities there. Somebody later said that he knew the father of the motorcycle rider. The police came, saw those things and took them away. They also arrested some suspects.”

   Thescopermedia reports that the Commandant of the Amotekun Corps in Oyo State, Retired Colonel Olayinka Olayanju confirmed the incident, adding that he was told of the discovery,adding that the dismembered body was not fresh.

  “The information is true. I was told by my people that it was a decomposing body that was found there. The corpse was dismembered and the police arrested some suspects. I was not told that a school uniform was found there.

  ‘The dismembered body was not fresh. Our men went there, but the suspects were arrested by the police; they are not with us. Since the body was dismembered, it suggests a ritual killing,” Olayanju said.



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