HURRAY ! 64-Year-Old Woman Finally Marries for 1st Time ~ The Scoper Media

64-Year-Old Woman Finally Marries for 1st Time ~ The Scoper Media

……….She Said God Did It for Her

  A 64-year-old Nigerian woman, Erumena Amata, has for the first time in her life married despite people’s discouragement The woman revealed that a child she knew when she was born had gone ahead in life to marry and make a home. She stated that her husband’s house has got everything she so desires in a home to settle

  Erumena Amata, who many had ridiculed and told she was never going to see her soul mate in life has finally got what she wanted. In an interview with BBC News Pidgin, the woman said that people told her she is just way above a woman any man would be interested in. The woman said she is happy with the man who married her.

   Even if a man comes, he wouldn’t be the spec She added that people told her that even if a man comes calling, the person will be shorter in height or she will be 10 years older than the man.


   According to her, God did it for her and put many people to shame. She revealed that her heartthrob is not only taller than she is, he is also way older. I hoped every year Erumena said that whenever her friends got married, she was happy. Every year, she always tells herself that she would spend this year’s December in her husband’s house.

    The woman stated that the most painful thing was that the child that was delivered in her presence grew up to get married and even had a kid of her own. What affected me Sixty-four-year-old Erumena said that her over-moralised lifestyle affected her as she was always trying to be perfect.


        On her wedding day, she stated that she could not call her friends bridesmaids or flower girls because some of them are way older than she is. She called them maids of honour instead.






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