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  Ghanaian media personality, Jessica Opare-Saforo has spoken up about her job as a voice-over artiste whose voice is popularly known by mobile phone users.

  While speaking in a video, the broadcaster said she was the voice ambassador for MTN and the one responsible for some of the automated messages.

  According to her, she is the one who said: “The number you’ve dialed cannot be reached at the moment. The mobile equipment is either switched off or out of coverage area.”

  Jessica also noted that she is the one behind, “You have one minute remaining” – the voice mobile phone users on MTN normally hear when they are running out of airtime.

   This revelation has left many netizens stunned because they probably held the assertion that the voice might have been recorded by a computer or by a foreigner.

   To prove her point, Jessica repeated the famous words of the “MTN lady” who sometimes interrupts calls to inform callers of their credit balance.



.She was (born 29 April 1981) is a Ghanian media personality, TV and radio broadcaster and entrepreneur.

She is the host for Transformation with Jess, Ghana’s first ever weight loss reality TV show

She is the owner of The Voice Ova Company, a business that specializes in managing voice talent

Born: 29th April 1981 (Age 40)

Education : Akosombo International School

Alma Mater : University of Ghana

Occupation: Journalist, Radio Presenter

Years Active : 2000 – Present

Known For : Brunch in The Citi, Transformation with Jess


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