I RAPED LADY FOR CHOOSING YAHOO BOY OVER ME – Herbal Powder Hawker Confesses ~ The Scoper Media

  Ismaila Raheem and Akintola Segun, two marketers of herbal powder locally called Agunmu, were recently arrested for allegedly raping a lady at Kajola-Oko, near Osogbo, Osun State.

  Speaking with newsmen the suspect confessed how he approached his victim and how everything transpired.

In his words, “I approached a girl that I wanted us to start a relationship but the girl said I was not of her standard.

  For six months, I was pestering her and she was beginning to listen to me when she met a Yahoo guy (Internet fraudster) and then told me she was not interested in me anymore.

  She said I would not take care of her the way the yahoo guy would do. That infuriated me and I decided to rape her. I took that decision because of the way she spoke to me. She declared me unfit to date her.”

  According to Ismaila, 21, he and Segun smoked Indian hemp before they left for the lady’s house. Ismaila claimed they didn’t go with any weapon. He further stated that immediately after the crime was committed, they ran away to another street because they live close to each other.

  The following day, the suspect went to the victim’s house to beg for her forgiveness and she told him she had forgiven him but unknown to him, she knew where he ran to and brought the police to arrest him.

See what they said..

“I did not know what we were going to the lady’s house to do, Ismaila just asked me to escort him to her place.

  “We got there around 7:30p.m. at Kajola-Ile, Osogbo, met a guy and use a fake gun to harass him away.

  “We took the girl to the backyard and had sex with her.

 “Ismaila raped her first then. I told him I will also want to have my turn.

 “It did mine and it’s not even reach three minutes,” he said.

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