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“I’m A Rltualist, I Won’t Lie” – Portable Brags, See Video √√ The Scoper Media



Portable, popular Nigerian street artist, made a momentous disclosure during an exclusive interview, disclosing his self-identification as a ritualist.


This information was revealed on a Nigerian podcast.

During the podcast, Portable also mentioned another singer Seyi Vibes, noting that Seyi appeared to be copying the musical style of , n artist signed under YBNL.

While Portable did not go into detail regarding his ritual engagement, worried readers took to the post’s comments section to offer their thoughts on his self-identification as a ritualist.


See some reactions below:

@_theCabal: “lol this dude cracks me up every time.”

@thehakeem_: “This guy and wahala, 5&6”

@SteeflerBadman: “Una dn carry mad man enter podcast.”

@_Saintlou: “Una Don finally carry potable come this podcast.”

@Xperience_Snr: “Shouldn’t he be called in to explain what he meant by saying “I’m a ritualist”??”

@lifeofzic: “Everybody don turn kanayo o kanayo.”

@EnnyBen, “to go prison just de hungry this boy everytime..I just de laff oooo

@God abeg…: “ama rishualiss” should I laugh or cry. I’m stressed.”

@scotsZen said “Dem supposed ban thiss yeye boi from this our industry…shikena

@Billy-kaston said..”well, the guy no lie nah..he has said the truth, make una leaveam joor




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