Information Portal of 360 Degrees Towers Suspended ~ The Scoper Media

 “Come Home to Luxury. Get your very own slice of 360° Ikoyi on Gerrard road Ikoyi, the most exclusive and prestigious residential neighbourhood in Lagos.” This was the introductory message to getting to know more about the luxury apartments being built by the management of 360 Degrees.

  The website for this magnificent sky scrapers called 360 Degree Towers on Gerrard Road has been suspended.

  This was discovered on Friday after we exclusively made an attempt to reach out to the client service via their website,

  As many times as this request was made, the only page displayed gave the message ”This account has been suspended”.

  Real estate market buzz had it that the iconic towers have been over-subscribed, but was not thrown open to just any client because prospective buyers were profiled to ensure the right clientele. Located at 44B, C & D Gerrard Road, 360 Degrees Towers presents very unique features, which instantly attract attention. The towers will encompass smart homes, imbued with accessories controlled with artificial intelligence. There are virtual offices for homeowners and five star board rooms, among others.

   However, on Monday, one of the three towers of the 360 degree towers under construction caved in killing about 40 as at Thursday night including the owner of the company, late Femi Osibona and his friend who had a stop over on his way to the airport to catch a flight to the US.

  The Lagos state government on Thursday inaugurated an investigative panel and also declared a three day mourning period in the state with the flag flown half mast.


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