MAN MISTAKENLY CREDITED WITH N1.6M INSTEAD OF N800K REFUSES TO RETURN THE MONEY, SAYS – “I thought the bank was doing promo”~ The Scoper Media

I thought the bank was doing promo” – Man who was mistakenly credited with N1.6m instead of N800k refuses to return the additional N800k

A man thought fortune smiled on him when the N800,000 that was deposited into his account got mistakenly doubled to N1.6 million by the bank.

He, however was surprised when the bank called him a week later to ask that he return the excess N800,000.

  A Twitter user identified as Agboola Peter narrated the incident on his page.

  According to him, someone paid N800k cheque into a bank account and the bank mistakenly doubled it.

  But when they called the account owner, he claimed that he thought the bank was doing X2 promo.

  Agboola wrote; ”Somebody paid in ₦800,000 cheque in a Nigeria bank.

  The bank credit the cheque owner ₦1,600,000 and the bank didn’t know until after a week.

They called the customer, and the customer said he thought they are doing x2 promo.

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