MATURE, SINGLE AND LONELY (2), By Funke Egbemode √√ The Scoper Media



      Only dumb brides pay their own dowries. Yes, we know that you are more than financially comfortable. You drive great cars and live in a four-star neighbourhood. Your business is doing well but does that mean you should buy a husband and still pay your own bride price?

Didn’t your mother tell you that the man you buy, feed and fund won’t be a real husband? The way the world is today, with many women doing what men can do and living larger than the men, even conservative me knows that rich mature single girls will have a hard time finding men they can look up to, if you get my drift.

I mean, these highflying girls are already playing in the same leagues with the big boys. The big boys already have official and unofficial wives. The only available men are a few floors downstairs. Many mature single girls who want to marry sometimes even for the first time have had to ‘upgrade’ their men, help them up a little.

But I draw the line where a MS woman has to foot the wedding bill, buy everything on the engagement or traditional wedding list, pay for the wedding rings and her groom’s outfits. Sister, we know you want to be known and addressed as Mrs Somebody by Christmas but desperation always gives off a bad odour.

Do not pay your own bride price. A man who lets you do all that heavy-lifting is not a he-man even if the sex is out-of-this-world. He knows you need him more than he needs you. His parents, siblings and friends do not think you are picking all the bills because you love him, even if you genuinely do. Spending N100m to stage a wedding ceremony is nothing to be proud of or brag about. All it says is you were desperate and you acted out your desperation. Period.

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