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  A front-line real estate firm, Mixta Africa, recently tickled the taste buds of lovers of luxury homes with the lunch of its top-notch high-rise apartments, at the prestigious Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate, on the Lekki axis of Lagos State.

   Speaking at the launching of the project known as Lakowe Heights, the firm’s Country Manager, Mrs. Shade Hughes said: “We have upscaled the existing prestige of Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate by elevating your experience and providing views that are otherwise not available within the estate.”

   “We have also included sustainable guidelines in the build of the apartments to ensure a green environment and sustainable living,” the Country Manager further explained.

   Lakowe Heights, as it is christened, is a highly contemporary structure comprising of10- floors blocks ranging from studio apartments to one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments.

  According to Mrs. Hughes, the blocks are aesthetically staked right at the edge of the estate, giving residents a beautiful view of the golf course, particularly, a lakeside view, and a horizon of the Atlantic ocean.

  The one-bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms apartments also come with an extra room that can be used either as a study or a staff accommodation,” the Country Manager said.

  Beyond all of that, prospective subscribers into the exclusive residential estate would also have the luxury of savoring the serene atmosphere that the estate offers; in addition to access to several exclusivities like the five F&B outlets on the estate,  fine dining restaurant, wine bar, pizzeria, and more.

   “There’s also access to our hospitality and outdoor event venues, the golf course, and an opportunity to join the exclusive golf club and other sports facilities like an adult swimming pool, a children’s swimming pool, and an Olympic-sized tennis court.

  “But that’s not all, Lakowe Heights guarantees a high return on investment either through listing your apartment in our rental pool for hospitality purposes or as a long-term investment,” Mrs. Hughes added.

  Our correspondent learned that currently, Lakowe Lakes is one of the few places on the Island that does not have flood issues; simply because Mixta Africa, owners of the estate, make it a tradition to invest first in infrastructure before buildings or structures are erected.

  Mrs. Hughes added: “We have invested billions in creating adequate drainage and good roads that stand the test of time. We have also invested funds in creating 14 man-made lakes with a 15th one coming up for this project. We do not spare any effort to ensure that our infrastructure is top-notch.”

  “In over 12 years of existence, our initial infrastructure for the estate still stands. This enforces our commitment and reliability in creating long-lasting buildings and infrastructure,” she explained.

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