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Mr Macaroni Visits ‘Very Good Friend’ Tony Elumelu + Video √√ The Scoper Media


Popular content creator, Mr. Macaroni has paid a visit to his billionaire “very good friend”, Tony Elumelu, at one of his establishments.

Born Adebowale Adedayo, the film star shared a video which captured him walking out of the office with Elumelu.

They had their hands locked in a handshake while they chit chatted as they walked on the corridor.

Mr Macaroni said: “I’m thinking if we can do…at least the bank is doing very well. 

“I don’t know if you need some billions over there because I’ve been calling you and people think I don’t know you. 

“Let them understand this, that you’re my good friend.”

The stylish business-cum-banking mogul affirmed: “Really? 

“You know me very well.”

Mr Macaroni continued: “You know, that billions of dollars I was talking about, you know it’s just audio. 

“You will have to have mercy on me. 

“I’m just trying to be funny, Tony; you know what I’m talking about.”


Mr Macaroni berates the senate for asking Nigerians to make sacrifices:

Elumelu commended Mr Macaroni’s strides, using the comic star’s phrase: “You’re doing well.

“Macaroni, well done ehn. 

“Keep it up. 

“We’re standing by you.”

They shared hearty laughter with their hands still locked in a friendly handshake. 

Then Mr Macaroni bowed, appreciating the 60-year-old philanthropist for his warmest reception and everything else.

Thereafter, the clicks of cameras kept going off as they posed for a series of photos.

The skit maker captioned the video: “Daddy Wa visits his friend Tony Elumelu.”

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