Empowering Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders:: NCC Marks 2024 International Girls In ICT Day With Commitment To Gender Inclusivity 🎊 The Scoper Media


In embracing the spirit of progress and inclusivity, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) joyfully participates in the global celebration of the 2024 International Girls in ICT Day. Recognizing the power of technology to transform lives, the NCC stands alongside the world in fostering an environment where every girl can explore, innovate, and excel in the dynamic field of information and Communication Technology. With determination and vision, we pave the way for a future where gender equality thrives and technological advancements know no bounds.

On the fourth Thursday of April, the world comes together to celebrate the incredible potential of young women and girls in the dynamic realm of information and communication technology (ICT). International Girls in ICT Day shines a spotlight on the powerhouses of tomorrow, inspiring them to step boldly into the digital landscape.

From coding to cybersecurity, from app development to data analytics, these young women are poised to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. Their creativity knows no bounds, and their innovative spirits drive progress in every corner of the globe.

As we mark this special day, let’s not just acknowledge the need for greater representation of women in ICT but also actively work towards breaking down barriers and fostering an inclusive environment where every aspiring technologist, regardless of gender, can thrive. Let’s empower and uplift each other, celebrating diversity and championing equality in the exciting world of technology.

In a vibrant display of solidarity, the NCC proudly declared on its Official Facebook page this Thursday morning, extending warm wishes to all the bright young women around the world in celebration of International Girls in ICT Day! Standing shoulder to shoulder with the global ICT community, the dedicated management and staff of the NCC echoed a resounding message of empowerment and encouragement, igniting sparks of inspiration for the future leaders in technology.

“International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated every year on the last Thursday of April. This year, it falls on 25 April 2024. This year’s theme for the Girls in ICT Day celebrations is “Leadership “, to underscore the critical need for strong female role models in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers.”

In the vast landscape of high-skill occupations worldwide, women have made significant strides, comprising 40% of these esteemed roles. However, within the intricate realm of ICT-related fields, their presence remains disproportionately low. From the intricate algorithms of software development to the innovative frontiers of engineering and technology research, women’s contributions are regrettably sparse. Even within academia and the echelons of policy-making, their voices are conspicuously absent.

Yet, amidst this disparity lies an opportunity for transformation and inclusivity. Imagine a future where the coding rooms echo with diverse perspectives, where engineering teams thrive on a blend of talents, and where the corridors of technology research institutions resonate with the innovative ideas of all genders.

By fostering mentorship programs, providing equitable access to education and resources, and cultivating inclusive workplace cultures, we can pave the way for a future where women are not just participants but leaders in shaping the digital landscape. Let’s embark on this journey together, harnessing the power of diversity to propel the ICT industry into a new era of innovation and equality.

“While there is a leadership gender gap in every industry, the largest gaps are found in the STEM fields. Women in ICT often find themselves in junior or support roles rather than in managerial roles, with little opportunity for advancement. They are also less likely to hold an executive position, become ICT entrepreneurs, or be represented among science and technology policymakers.

“To thrive in STEM, girls and young women must be exposed to women in leadership positions, fostering inspiration and breaking down barriers that hinder their progress. The Girls in ICT Day 2024 theme aims to address these challenges, encouraging empowerment and leadership development for a more equitable future in STEM.”