Nestlé Nigeria Introduces Pure Life Sparkling Water ~ The Scoper Media

  Nestlé Nigeria has introduced Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water, sourced and produced locally. The product has come to fill the gap in the Nigerian market by being the first plain sparkling water produced locally.

  Speaking at the launch event in Lagos, the Managing Director and CEO of Nestlé Nigeria PLC, Mr. Wassim Elhusseini said, “We are excited to announce the entrance of Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water, the first made in Nigeria plain sparkling water.

  The sparkling water segment in Nigeria is a gap no local brand has been in a position to fill until now. This product comes to join Nestlé Pure Life Premium Water and Nestlé Pure Life Protect fortified with Zinc as healthy hydration alternatives for consumers.”

  “As with all Nestlé brands, Nestlé Pure life is committed to promoting healthier nutrition and lifestyle for all. Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water is made of purified water with CO2 and has zero calories with no sugar added.”

  Also speaking at the launch, the Marketing Manager of Nestlé Waters in Nigeria, Gloria Nwabuike said, “This innovation is a result of years of dedicated research to find a refreshing and exciting solution to thirst, with a product that has a satisfying taste and feel.

  “The production of Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water takes into consideration, Nestlé’s global net zero commitment by adopting sustainable practices and processes across our operations: the bottles are light-weighted and fully recyclable. In addition, the production process optimizes water usage for the good of our environment.”

  Nestlé Nigeria is one of the largest food and beverage companies in Africa. The company has nourished families across the country for the past 59 years with high quality nutritious food and beverages. This is in line with her purpose of unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone today and for future generations.

  The launch of Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water further demonstrates the company’s commitment to the growth of the Nigerian economy by locally sourcing and producing high quality nutritious food and beverages to meet the needs of consumers across the country.

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