Why, How I teased, had sex and got Pregnant for my son-in-law, Woman Opens up

   A Nigerian man, Christopher Chori, has impregnated his mother-in-law, Priscilla Kwange, who visited to take care of his newborn baby, an act known as Omugwo in Nigeria.

  Priscilla’s legitimate husband, Mr. Kwange who is a Tiv native of Taraba State, has, according to a report by, been married to her as the second wife for about 10 years. Their marriage came after he lost his first wife, Rose Kwange, to a gruesome motor accident.

  But before she met her untimely death, the late Rose had a daughter and the only child with Mr. Kwange. It was after her death that her widower husband got married to Priscilla.

  Unfortunately, in the past 10 years, the couple never had a child. And this development had always caused quarrels in their marriage as the man’s family members strongly believe that the fault is Priscilla’s. They cited Rose’s daughter as proof of Kwange’s potency.

  Mrs. Kwange’s inability to conceive became a big problem in the family as she nearly was sent packing from the marriage. But Chori, their son-in-law who got married to Faith, the man’s only daughter, prevailed on him not to do so. He was said to always intervene, telling his father-in-law that God is the only One who gives children.

  Chori their son-in-law always was emphasizing on the fact that the man should resort to medical checks or possibly see a spiritual hand to know where the problem lies but each time he raises the concern Mr Kwange would refute the idea and use his only daughter Faith whom Chori is married to as a source of his virility.

  Mrs. Kwange in her desperation to get pregnant went to all known fertility hospitals in Taraba, Makurdi, Abuja but all proved futile. It was in the course of these fruitless search for a solution that the devil chose to strike in a most embarrassing and shameful way.

The Tale

  Some time ago, just at the end of 2018, Faith, who had been married to Chori for about four years but without a child to bless their union, suddenly took in and gave birth to a baby boy in late May 2019. Good news! But the sad news was that she died shortly afterwards, leaving the poor baby without a mother. She was said to have died from complications that resulted from her delivery of the baby through the caesarian section.

  She was buried within one week of the incident. Faced with such a difficult situation, Kwange asked his second wife to move to Lafia to assist with taking care of the newborn baby Faith left behind.

  One thing led to the other, and after spending seven months with her son-in-law in Lafia who works with one of the federal government agencies, Priscilla was found pregnant.

  Investigation shows that within that period, she had regular sex with her son-in-law. Pregnancy later became the result of her sexual adventures.

  The news about her pregnancy reached her husband’s days after a friend of her husband run into her in town where she was buying foodstuffs to prepare an evening meal. The angered husband went to see how true the news as reported to him was, and to his surprise, her wife was pregnant for their son-in-law.

“I won’t abort it.” Why I teased, had sex and got pregnant for my son-in-law

  “I’m not growing any younger, I’m getting older day by day. I have in years yearned to have a baby I can call my own so, in my quest, I fell to the seduction of my son-in-law. I can’t abort this baby after years of wanting to get pregnant” Mrs. Kwange begged her husband in tears.

  Of the three people involved in the tragedy, Priscilla seems to be the worst hit. She explained: “I’m not proud of myself because apart from being a housewife, the victim is my son-in-law. My reason for teasing him was to test my fertility status since there was a golden opportunity and sticking to my husband in the past ten years has not yielded any result.

   “I wanted to be sure of where the problem lies. Unfortunately, I took in. It was a wrong decision but I didn’t want to take the risk of aborting the baby as it may not come my way again. Although I didn’t want it made public, my husband has succeeded in exposing it.

  “I admit I am guilty of allowing my son-in-law to impregnate me but I was also considering my condition, even though I never expected pregnancy to come. But since it has come, I will want to keep it even if he decides to push me out of his house, I can’t afford to die childless.”

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