Polaris Bank Unveils Activities To Commemorate 2022 Global Money Week ~ The Scoper Media

   Polaris Bank is joining other financial institutions and stakeholders in the banking sector to commemorate the 2022 Global Money Week.

   The Bank plans to reach thousands of teens and youths in schools across Nigeria by educating them on the values and benefits of savings and financial education at large.

   With school visitation and financial literacy day as one of the activities scheduled for the commemoration of the GMW, the Polaris Bank plans to visit over 200 schools spread across the 36 states in the country to educate teens and youths on the importance of imbibing saving culture early in life.

   The 10th Global Money Week started from March 21st to March 27 with the theme: Build your future, be smart about money.

   Other key activities for the GMW include; retail account opening drive, Global Money Walk, and market storm to create awareness on the importance of savings.

   Speaking on the significance of this year’s Global Money Week, Polaris Bank’s Group Head, Strategic Brand Management, Nduneche Ezurike said officials and employees of the Bank would be visiting schools to provide financial literacy, stressing that the initiative would afford teens and students the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding on important topics such as how money works, how someone can earn or make money, money management including; planning and budgeting, and how to invest money amongst others.

   ‘Being financially literate will help our children and young person’s learn the culture of savings and ultimately, assist them to build a lifetime of financial well-being and financial independence,’ Ezurike stated.

   The activities for this year’s GMW will be actively observed in all the branches of Polaris Bank nationwide.

  Sharing perspective on the fundamentals of the Global Money Week, Polaris Bank’s Group Head, Customer Experience Management & Sustainability, Mrs. Bukola Oluyadi explained that marking the week essentially is one of the interventions that are meant to deepen financial inclusion, one of the Nine pillars of Nigeria’s Sustainability Banking Principles that Banks and other key players in the Banking and Nigeria’s financial sector, are expected to deliver on.

   Mrs. Oluyadi further emphasized the importance of imbibing the savings culture at an early agge to avoid the unhealthy financial burden which many of the older generation go through due to negligence or failure to have embraced the savings culture early in life.

   Global Money Week is an annual global awareness-raising campaign on the importance of ensuring that young people, from an early age, are financially aware, and are gradually acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve financial well-being and financial resilience.

   Polaris Bank, adjudged the Digital Bank of the Year, is a future-determining Bank committed to delivering industry-defining products and services to individuals and businesses.

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