SAD ! 10-Month-Old Baby Raped In Crèche ~ The Scoper Media


   The mother of a 10-month-old girl is demanding justice after her daughter was allegedly defiled at a crèche in Arepo, in the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State.

   The distraught mum while speaking to The Punch explained that she noticed bruises around her daughter’s private parts after she returned from school.

 “I picked my daughter from the crèche in the evening and when I was bathing her at night, she screamed as I washed her private parts. The next morning, while bathing her again, the same thing happened. I later noticed some bruises in her private parts, which were swollen.

   At the hospital, they examined her and told us that she was molested sexually after which we reported the matter to the police. We also went to the school owner, Mrs Olabisi, to report the case.” the mum said.

  It was reported that the crèche’s proprietress, Olabisi, sent emissaries, including a cleric, to plead with Beatrice to drop the case. She was alleged to have also offered to pay the medical expenses incurred for the child’s treatment, which the family turned down.

   The victim’s family was said to have also reported the case to a rights organization. The founder of the NGO, Racheal Omolara, lamented that the case, which was reported to the police in March 2021, was dragging, adding that no arrest had been made.

  “We want justice for the child,” she added

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