.SAD AND TRAGIC: 24- Year Old School Teacher Commits Suicide After Allegedly Killing Her Son With Sniper ~ The Scoper Media

   The lifeless bodies of a 24- year- old teacher, Rejoice Ukpai, and her 13- month- old baby were found in a canal around Awojadun Street in Abaranje parish in the Ikotun area of ​​Lagos, thescopermedia.com has learnt .

  Ekene Ukpai who wanted to give money to someone to contribute within the community. We learned of this later that night, around 10pm. He saw her wandering around and asked her what she was doing with her child at this time of the night, she said she was looking for a place to rest.

  Unfortunately, the bodies of Rejoice and the child were discovered by community residents in the early hours of this Tuesday.

  When Vanguard visited the scene of the incident on Wednesday morning, a local resident, Abiodun said: ” Around 900pm, on Monday the woman was seen wandering around with her son. ” I saw them, they asked her what she was doing near the bush path leading to the canal, she said she wanted to rest.

 ”On Tuesday morning I was shocked to hear they were dead. I ran to the spot. , when I saw their bodies, it was as if the baby was asleep and his eyes were still open.

  ” The woman was wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt. But part of his mouth has been mutilated by the contents of the substance he drank, showing her teeth.

  Speaking of the incident, 84- year- old Baale from Abaranje Kingdom, Lamidi Ayinde Hassan said: ” I was about to go to bed around 11pm on Monday night when I received a call from one of the owners, named Old Soldier, who lives near the crime scene.

  The old soldier said he left his home and found a woman and her baby lying side by side in the canal near his home. ” He went on to explain that at that point it appeared that the woman was still alive as she was still breathing, but the child appeared to be dead. ”

  I immediately advised him to contact the police. I didn’ t hear from him again until Tuesday morning when another resident, a pastor who owns a house there, said the woman and her baby were dead. ” I explained that the old soldier had informed the police.

  Please come unless you mobilize. ” Fortunately, police from the Isheri Police Division arrived between 10 a. m. and 11 a. m. on Tuesday and recovered the remains of the mother and child. The president of the CDA community was arrested and later released after police took his statement.

  When a visit was made to her home on Shoye Odunona Street behind a private hospital, his personal belongings were scattered everywhere.

  The foam was placed against the wall while the baby’ s wardrobe was in a corner. The sandals Rejoice wore to work were on the floor. A camping gas and pot stood by the cupboard while the grieving young man looked on helplessly.

   One would wonder why she decided to take her life and the innocent baby.

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