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     With the latest trends in innovation and technology, Salvi Lighting, a global leader in public lighting and “SMART CITY” solutions, announces the launch of its Nigerian subsidiary, Salvi Lighting Nigeria Limited. The momentous event unfolded on Wednesday, November 22, 2023, at The George Hotel in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, showcasing Salvi Lighting’s commitment to revolutionizing urban spaces through innovative lighting solutions.
Salvi Lighting, a stalwart in the international lighting industry, is renowned for its expertise in creating sustainable and cutting-edge lighting systems. The Spanish conglomerate, SALVI LIGHTING BARCELONA, envisions a well-lit, smart nation powered by solar energy, aligning with the global shift towards renewable and sustainable solutions.
The launch event, themed “POWERING NIGERIA’S ECONOMIC GROWTH: Smart Lights for Safety and Nigeria’s Development,” brought together key stakeholders from the power, energy, and construction sectors, as well as public and private entities. Salvi Lighting Nigeria presented its ambitious vision and value proposition, as well as highlighted past successes across other countries, including Rwanda, Spain, Cameroon, and Kenya.
During the press conference, Mr. Olatunji Adebayo, the CEO of Salvi Lighting Nigeria Limited, passionately expressed the company’s dedication to lighting up Nigeria. He emphasized the positive impact of consistent lighting on productivity, the beautification of the environment, and enhanced security. Mr. Adebayo also outlined the significant job opportunities the project would bring, with plans to establish regional warehouses and offices across Nigeria. ‘‘Our core philosophy revolves around empowering each partner country to develop localized intelligent public lighting solutions by establishing factories to meet local demand. Beyond creating numerous employment opportunities in Nigeria, our primary aspiration is to actively contribute to the nation’s growth in alignment with the development and economic objectives of the Nigerian government,’’ he added.
With funding from the Spanish Government, Salvi Lighting Nigeria is set to occupy a proposed 10-hectare site, offering employment opportunities for 500 to 1,000 Nigerians. Salvi Lighting Barcelona, the parent company with a rich history spanning over 100 years, has a proven track record of success in outdoor lighting across various countries.
Javier Elizalde, CEO of Salvi Lighting Barcelona, highlighted the durability of the products, emphasizing that Salvi Lighting Nigeria’s range boasts a remarkable 10-year lifespan for street and outdoor lighting systems. Mr. Elizalde, excited about this new venture, sees it as a significant step towards strengthening the bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Spain.
The launch event witnessed the presence of key figures, including Mrs. Joana Adebayo, Executive Director of Salvi Lighting Nigeria; Mr. Tomas Fernandez Garcia, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of Spain in Nigeria; Mr. Etienne Marechal, international business development and intermediation expert; Asiwaju Olumide Osunsino, Chairman of Megamound; Tayo Babalakin; Prof. Ken Ife, Chief Economic Strategist, ECOWAS, & global economic consultant; Felix Morka, Group Head of Corporate Banking, Zenith Bank Plc; members of the executive team at Zenith Bank HQ; and other esteemed stakeholders.
Salvi Lighting Nigeria is poised to redefine urban living in Nigeria, bringing forth a brighter and smarter future through sustainable lighting solutions. It is not just a brand; it is a commitment to innovation, quality, and design that converges to bring forth the brilliance of last-generation lighting products. For more information, kindly email Salvi Lighting Nigeria at
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