Secondus Is An Enemy Of PDP – Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has accused the ousted Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), Prince Uche Secondus, trying to sabotage the party’s mission to rescue Nigeria.
Wike stated that Secondus attempt to scuttle the PDP national convention makes him an enemy of the party that is resolved to end the poor leadership of the All Progressives Congress(APC) led federal government.
The governor was speaking in Port Harcourt on Friday in reaction to Court of Appeal dismissal of Secondus’ application that sought to stop the PDP convention and his restatement as the national chairman of the party .
He stated that PDP mission to rescue Nigeria is a commitment that will not be compromised because of the mess the APC has made of Nigerian State.
Wike pointed out that it is clear that PDP would not allow any individual or group of individuals to derail its rescue mission as captured by the theme of the convention.
“What Secondus is doing is to sabotage the efforts of Nigerians, the efforts of PDP from rescuing this country from the hand of the party that has failed the country. And it is not fair.
This is a party that has given you everything and there’s nothing wrong in making sacrifice. Even if, assuming though not conceding, that anything was wrong, we expected that having achieved what you have achieved in your life from this party, there is nothing wrong in making sacrifice.
“If you make sacrifice for the party, you’re making sacrifice for Nigerians. If PDP is not there, which other party is ready to rescue Nigeria,” he said.
Wike clarified that the Court of Appeal did not only dismiss the application of Secondus, but it also ordered that the PDP National convention be conducted unrestrained.
“Our constitution provides that if a national chairman is removed, the deputy national chairman from that zone will immediately be the chairman or acting chairman as the case may be.
And so, when Secondus was removed, he handed over to the acting national chairman now. So, the act has already been done, completed. So, what will the Court say when someone is already acting and supervising that office,” he added.
According to Wike, the PDP convention on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st October 2021 would be one of the best that has ever been conducted. He asserted that Nigerians are expecting PDP to come out of the convention more united.
Wike said the party, particularly the PDP governors are more united because they have realised that Nigeria is in problem and only a united PDP can wrest power out of the APC.
“Nigeria is in problem and we cannot do it alone. We require everybody to work with us, collectively and see how this country can be rescued.
“Nigerians are not happy with the ruling party, the way Nigerians are being treated. Like I’ve told everybody that there is nothing better than making sacrifice for the interest of the country. PDP is the only platform, and which it is today as the only opposition party that will rescue Nigeria,” he stated.

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