Single Mother Asked To Donate Womb, Child To Attract Men ~ The Scoper Media


    Ghanaian Single Mother of one, Kate Batplange has narrated how she almost sacrificed her womb to attract male advances.

She said, ”A friend told me she has something she uses which attracts rich men. She lives in East Legon with her car and everything. So I decided to go in for that too because ”But my friend told me it’s either I sacrifice my womb or someone close to me. After making enquiries, the ‘mallam’ told me to bring a white egg and 20 pesewas,” she told DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa.

However, Batplange could not go through with it due to a dream she had, which she believes was a sign of caution against her decision to go in for money rituals. ”I dreamt I was in black as though I was at a funeral. I realised I was crying like I had lost someone. After that dream, I chose not to do it,” she said.

Batplange also revealed the charms such ladies use in attracting rich men.

  The mother of one revealed that she decided to seek help from a ritualist due to extreme poverty.





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