Investments in stocks are usually for the long term. It is a financial strategy capable of building generational wealth as it yields returns for investors whilst providing them with financial security.

   The profitability of this investment type is hinged on its ability to compound returns over time.

   Despite the profitability potential of this market for investors and the Nigerian economy, the capital market requirements in the past have somewhat discouraged a lot of new and younger investors.

   It is agreed that High Networth Individuals with large portfolios generally dominate the stock market. Still, in recent times there has been an increasing need to attract millennials.

  This desire within the capital market to include and accommodate new and young investors is centred around the growing millennial population and the need to build the nation’s wealth.

Also, the rapid rise of digitisation in Nigeria has influenced a change in the stock market outlook and requirements, especially in terms of its volume and minimum entry requirement.

  The digitisation of the capital market will enhance the potential to attract a new generation of investors.

  Stockbrokers have begun to explore ways of lifting barriers to participation in the capital market, thereby making trading in stocks more appealing.

  To facilitate this development and enable potential investors access this investment opportunity, Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers has removed the minimum account opening balance for investors to operate a stockbroking account, especially in the wake of the performance of the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) in 2020 and renewed global interest in security investments.

  The stockbroking subsidiary also reduced the 1% brokerage fees previously charged by 30%, making it even cheaper to invest through its online channels.

  As a digital-savvy financial provider, Stanbic IBTC has leveraged technology to provide an all-inclusive stock trading platform that can be seamlessly navigated.

  More people are now seeking practical and convenient platforms to monitor and operate their stockbroking portfolios when conducting their share trading activities.

  Through the Stanbic IBTC Stockbroking App, investors can be sure of an easy and secure trading environment.

  In addition, investors can access investment opportunities and market trend information to guide their investment decisions.

  This further reiterates the efforts of Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers, Nigeria’s largest stockbroking firm, to accommodate these potential and ambitious investors, with a market share of over 10 per cent of the value of shares traded on the floor of the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) to boost the capital market industry.

   The Stanbic IBTC Stockbroking zero account opening balance removes the limitations restricting millennials, Gen-Zs and other interested investors from participating, thereby facilitating growth in the capital market.

  This is all in the bid to help them secure and preserve their financial future. Investors can make stock trading transactions via the self-service options available on the ‘Stocks’ module on the Stanbic IBTC Mobile App and the e-Trade portal on the Stanbic IBTC Stockbroking website.

  Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers has delivered easy-to-use and efficient services that have narrowed the industry gap and, as a result, activated an entirely new class of investors.

  For more information, call 01-4220004, send an email to or fill this form, and a Stanbic IBTC representative will reach out to guide you through your investment journey.

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