Strange But True: 70 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To Her First Child ~ The Scoper Media


     Don’t believe in miracles? Then explain this 70-year-old woman birthing a child at an age when many are busy playing with their grandchildren!

   This happened in Kutch a month ago and was made possible through IVF, but the process was nonetheless a massive challenge for the doctors in Bhuj.

   Their courage hinged on only the never-say-never attitude of the gutsy patient, Jivuben Valabhai Rabari, who egged the doctors on to go ahead with their experiment.

    The resident of Mora village of Rapar taluka did not have any documents to prove her age, but told her physicians that she has seen around 65 to 70 summers while being steadfast on her desire to get a child through IVF.

    And even the lady luck had to give in to this couple’s desire and their first child was born after 45 years of marriage.

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