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A Wazobia FM presenter, popularly known as Chief Suo was severely attacked by a motorist, identified as Wisdom Moses, his pregnant wife and brother after they rammed the presenter’s car on the Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos.

The incident happened on Sunday night, but Suo just posted it today.

According to her, a car broke down and LCC was trying to tow it off the expressway, forcing her and some other motorists to slow down.

In the process, Wisdom Moses rammed Suo’s car from the back and thereafter pounced on her, breaking her scalp and injuring other parts of her body.

Wisdom Moses

Wisdom Moses

Read her full account below:

“A car broke down on Lekki Exp on 25th Feb. While LCC were attempting to remove it, I and other cars approached and slowed down. One car didn’t and rammed mine from behind. The occupants then came down and assaulted me.

You find that hard to believe? Imagine how I felt experiencing it.

Wisdom Moses (the name he gave police), his 2 brothers and his heavily pregnant wife, assaulted me while I was inside my car. They claimed I was ‘trying to run away’ (even tho they rammed my car).

Suo's damaged phone

Suo’s damaged phone

Within seconds I was covered in my own blood from their blows. That didn’t stop their assault. His wife ripped my shirt so badly that I was practically naked. Bear in mind that I didn’t fight them. Wisdom choked me with the shreds of my torn shirt so hard there were lacerations on my chest and neck.

I’d had a busy weekend working as a sports personality (I was actually coming from evening shift at Wazobia FM) so my voice was strained. So I couldn’t shout as they hit me with punches. I kept begging them and asking if this was about the car or something else. Insurance could sort this out.

Wisdom Moses' brother

Wisdom Moses’ brother who allegedly took part in the beating.

Didn’t they have insurance? It all seemed so simple yet so completely insane at the same time. I begged and begged. They didn’t stop. At a point I thought I was going to die. Wisdom instructed his brother to seize my car key, so they could drive my car away.

His brother ripped the skin off my finger doing this. Wisdom kept choking and dragging me out of the car, shouting that I must pay him N8m for the damage to his car. Could this all really be because he didn’t have insurance?

These are pics of my car soaked in my blood. The front carpet is completely soaked.

My saviours that night were the so-called area boys around and a military man who stopped and asked Wisdom why he was attacking a woman who was covered in blood. Wisdom turned around and slapped him too, twice.

The LCC called Maroko police who showed up and arrested Wisdom, and I must commend both agencies because within 24 hrs Wisdom, his brother Chidera and his sister Stella had been arraigned and remanded.

Shockingly, at the court, Wisdom claimed it was the area boys, who actually tried to protect me from him, who beat me up. He also told police the boy in green who started the assault on me wasn’t actually his brother but one of the area boys, even tho the boy came down from his car and looked just like his other brother.

Meanwhile in the videos you can see the area boys trying to protect me from him and his hoard of animals.

Suo said this man first attacked him before the others joined.

Suo said this man (in green) first attacked him before the others joined.

But one of his brothers, the first to actually punch me in the head and cause my scalp to split open, is now considered a ‘suspect at large’ by the police. You can see him in the green shirt knocking my phone out of my hand (causing it to shatter). The police said they couldn’t arrest his wife because she’s heavily pregnant (though that didn’t stop her from assaulting me unprovoked) and while I understand, it makes me sad that she will escape the consequences of her actions. Which is the more reason the one who ran away needs to be found and held accountable. He needs to be found. Pls help me. I don’t know his name. I don’t even know if the names they gave are actually their real names because they refused to share any IDs. Their car had no plate number and ‘Wisdom’ didn’t have a driver license.

It’s been a few days and I’ve found it hard to stop crying. The horror of thinking these people were going to kill me over something THEY actually caused really traumatized me. The difference between these pieces of media was less than 30 mins. The criminal case has been adjourned to 11th March 2023. I hope to get justice.

Thank you so much for all the love and concern. For those asking, at the moment, I’m not okay. I have to do several scans today, including a brain scan, because I’ve continued to experience dizziness and nausea. I might not be able to respond to all your calls and messages but I see them and appreciate them. Thank you.”

See the videos here.

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