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    Meet the mad couples that are married for 22 years with 3 children.

    A man named Olaide Olakiitan Oluwayemisi has revealed how he was inspired by the love story of a mentally unstable couple who were married for 22 years with 3 children. The mad couple’s names are Samade and Cynthia.

    Samade was a graduate of applied physics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka before he ran mad. Samade was a fan of everybody in the village because of his abilities and talents. His dancing steps and melodious voice cannot be ignored by passersby.

   He sings and dances without musical instruments yet those who listened and watched him wished he was not mad for the ecstasy he gave to them. Even in madness Samade still sing and dance as people gather to watch him exhibit his abilities and talents

   His love life and marriage to Cynthia, another mad woman in the village was an envy of many couples. Samade and Cynthia had lived together in a self-built self-contained house under the popular bridge at Orile junction for 22 years. There were several times the villagers saw them quarrelling but no one knew how they settled their differences.

    Unfortunately, Samade and Cynthia do not speak the same language. While Samade was from the south western part of Nigeria, Cynthia was from the south eastern part of Nigeria. They lived together for 22 years like chingum and nobody was able to separate them.

    How they accepted to live together as couple and had 3 children even in madness is a riddle no one is yet to solve. They lived under same roof in quote, they had no source of income other than begging, they have no common sense, lacked counselors, never attended marriage classes, yet they lived together for 22 years uninterrupted.

    Samade and Cynthia were the Romeo and Juliet of their world, a perfect match to a fault. Mad but proud of each other and their union is the envy of many married couples who heard their story. They were seen severally kissing, hugging, caressing and sharing romantic moments together in the village.

   They shared all things in common, they bathed together, played together, ate together, entertained their guests together, fought together, smiled together and many more. Samade and Cynthia were an epitome of uncoordinated romantic folks. If they were not mad, they would have won the best couple of the year award.

   The lesson in Samade and Cynthia romantic story is this; “If the insane can sustain a romantic relationship, then the sane should be able to do better”.

    Unfortunately, most sane couples with common sense cannot stay together as husband and wife for 10 years without divorce or separation. Yet they have access to the good things of life. They have good shelter, good food, sound education, spiritual helps, source of income, enough finance and many more.

   According to Olaide Olakiitan Oluwayemisi; “The story of this mad couple inspired me when growing up in the village as a young boy. With this I made a covenant with my maker that I will have an enviable marriage. I told myself when I was 17 years old that if a mad man can do it, I can do it better because I am at better advantage”.

   Unfortunately, Samade died on 24th July 2020 and Cynthia died too on 3rd September 2020, that is barely two months after her husband Samade died.

   According to multiple research conducted, Cynthia died of depression and loneliness. Their children were adopted by 3 different families whose lives were inspired by the romantic life of the mad couple.

   If the mad couple can do it, I can do it better because I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me, Olaide Olakiitan Oluwayemisi stated.


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